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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Palme, M.; Ramírez, J. A Critical Assessment and Projection of Urban Vertical Growth in Antofagasta, Chile. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2840-2855;

Schapendonk, J. From Transit Migrants to Trading Migrants: Development Opportunities for Nigerians in the Transnational Trade Sector of Istanbul. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2856-2873;

Headlee, W.; Hall, R.; Zalesny, R. Establishment of Alleycropped Hybrid Aspen ″Crandon″ in Central Iowa, USA: Effects of Topographic Position and Fertilizer Rate on Aboveground Biomass Production and Allocation. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2874-2886;

Zadeh, S.; Hunt, D.; Lombardi, D.; Rogers, C. Shared Urban Greywater Recycling Systems: Water Resource Savings and Economic Investment. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2887-2912;

Gaker, D.; Walker, J. Revealing the Value of ″Green″ and the Small Group with a Big Heart in Transportation Mode Choice. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2913-2927;

Maahsen-Milan, A.; Pellegrino, M.; Oliva, L.; Simonetti, M. Urban Architecture as Connective-Collective Intelligence. Which Spaces of Interaction?. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2928-2943;

Daddi, T.; De Giacomo, M.; Dils, E.; Polders, C.; Lepe, G.; Calvo, V. Transferring the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Approach and Best Available Techniques (BAT) Concepts to Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2944-2959;

Gaspar, R. Understanding the Reasons for Behavioral Failure: A Process View of Psychosocial Barriers and Constraints to Pro-Ecological Behavior. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2960-2975;

Newig, J.; Schulz, D.; Fischer, D.; Hetze, K.; Laws, N.; Lüdecke, G.; Rieckmann, M. Communication Regarding Sustainability: Conceptual Perspectives and Exploration of Societal Subsystems. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2976-2990;

Köves, A.; Király, G.; Pataki, G.; Balázs, B. Backcasting for Sustainable Employment: A Hungarian Experience. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 2991-3005;

Koger, S. Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Sustainability. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3006-3008;

Hafla, A.; MacAdam, J.; Soder, K. Sustainability of US Organic Beef and Dairy Production Systems: Soil, Plant and Cattle Interactions. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3009-3034;

Burford, G.; Hoover, E.; Velasco, I.; Janoušková, S.; Jimenez, A.; Piggot, G.; Podger, D.; Harder, M. Bringing the ″Missing Pillar″ into Sustainable Development Goals: Towards Intersubjective Values-Based Indicators. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3035-3059;

Sorlini, S.; Palazzini, D.; Sieliechi, J.; Ngassoum, M. Assessment of Physical-Chemical Drinking Water Quality in the Logone Valley (Chad-Cameroon). Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3060-3076;

Zoiopoulos, P.; Hadjigeorgiou, I. Critical Overview on Organic Legislation for Animal Production: Towards Conventionalization of the System?. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3077-3094;

Dicks, L.; Bardgett, R.; Bell, J.; Benton, T.; Booth, A.; Bouwman, J.; Brown, C.; Bruce, A.; Burgess, P.; Butler, S.; Crute, I.; Dixon, F.; Drummond, C.; Freckleton, R.; Gill, M.; Graham, A.; Hails, R.; Hallett, J.; Hart, B.; Hillier, J.; Holland, J.; Huxley, J.; Ingram, J.; King, V.; MacMillan, T.; McGonigle, D.; McQuaid, C.; Nevard, T.; Norman, S.; Norris, K.; Pazderka, C.; Poonaji, I.; Quinn, C.; Ramsden, S.; Sinclair, D.; Siriwardena, G.; Vickery, J.; Whitmore, A.; Wolmer, W.; Sutherland, W. What Do We Need to Know to Enhance the Environmental Sustainability of Agricultural Production? A Prioritisation of Knowledge Needs for the UK Food System. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3095-3115;

Lundgren, K.; Kjellstrom, T. Sustainability Challenges from Climate Change and Air Conditioning Use in Urban Areas. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3116-3128;

Holden, E.; Gilpin, G. Biofuels and Sustainable Transport: A Conceptual Discussion. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3129-3149;

Cabañas-Vargas, D.; De los Ríos Ibarra, E.; Mena-Salas, J.; Escalante-Réndiz, D.; Rojas-Herrera, R. Composting Used as a Low Cost Method for Pathogen Elimination in Sewage Sludge in Mérida, Mexico. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3150-3158;

Gillespie, J. World Heritage Protection and the Human Right to Development: Reconciling Competing or Complimentary Narratives Using a Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA)?. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3159-3171;

Carr, P.; Gramig, G.; Liebig, M. Impacts of Organic Zero Tillage Systems on Crops, Weeds, and Soil Quality. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3172-3201;

Zhao, P.; Chapman, R.; Randal, E.; Howden-Chapman, P. Understanding Resilient Urban Futures: A Systemic Modelling Approach. Sustainability 2013, 5(7), 3202-3223;