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Equality, Growth and Sustainability.
Do they mix? Proceedings from the international conference.
The conference Equality, Growth and Sustainability – Do They Mix? was made possible through initiatives, joint efforts and collaboration between actors representing JÄMI, VINNOVA, FAS, Thematic Group on Equality, NIKK, Tema Genus and Forum for Gender Studies and Equality at Linköping University.

The conference created an opportunity for academics, practitioners as well as policy makers to meet and discuss if and how questions of equality, growth and sustainability can be reconciled in organisations and implemented in general practice. 15 years after the Beijing Platform for Action the conference provided academics, policy makers and practitioners with an international and interdisciplinary forum for exchange.

The purpose was to explore and disseminate knowledge and experiences on gender equality, gender mainstreaming, diversity management, growth and sustainability, inclusion and equal opportunities. The ambition was to discuss these key concepts and issues from an intersectional perspective, and in theory and practice, in order to rethink and find new ways to move on. The conference provided new research results, policy discussions and presented new ideas on how to advance the practical and theoretical work through collaborative/joint ventures between academia and society.

The conference consituted a mix of presentations and discussions with the 165 participants, from all over the world. The interactive conference format contained eight interactive workshops and eleven parallell paper sessions, see appendix. The paper sessions contained academic paper presentetions while the workshops offered forums for listening practioners′ presentations and taking part in discussions.

The four key note speakers, as well as the concluding panel, addressed and discussed the conference topics from their view points as policy makers, researchers and/or practitioners. Key note speakers included Ms Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission; Mieke Verloo, Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at Radboud University Nijmegen; Jeff Hearn, Professor in Gender Studies with a focus on critical studies on men at Linköping university and Tryggvi Hallgrimsson from the Center of Gender Equality, Iceland.

The workshop was hosted by Linköping University´s Forum for Gender Studies and Equality.

Funding was provided by JÄMI at Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems/VINNOVA, Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research/FAS, Thematic Group on Equality, Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions/SALAR/SKL, and Wenner-Gren Foundations.

The majority of the paper authors have chosen to contribute to this document, which presents the proceedings from the conference.
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Key note address
Hearn, J: Equality, growth, sustainability: Adding some more missing ingredients to the mixture.

Creating Sustainability – an interplay of top-down steering and bottom-up activities
Andersson, E: Process leaders in equality and diversity: Reflections from an action research model.
Javorská: How women′s life experience influences sustainable life style: On individual, household and organizational levels.

Entrepreneurship and gender mainstreaming
Berglund & Granat Thorslund: The woman entrepreneur: a third sex? -The subversive potential of entrepreneurship.

Gender Issues in Digital Society
Neaga: Living with Robots: Analysis of the Impact on Gender and Feminist Studies.

Gender perspectives on innovation system in policy and practice
Hansson et al: Bridging Gendered and Scientific Cultures in a Healthcare Technology Context.
Lindberg: Doing gender in Sweden′s innovation policy when transforming academic theory into regional practice.
Schone et al: Building on diversity to enhance the leverage power of innovation on the German economy.

How to facilitate gender aware organizational innovations?
Amundsdotter: Learning Community in an Innovation System.
Andersson, S: Facilitating Gender Awareness in Everyday Organizational Life through Co-research with Managers.
Blomqvist & Frennberg: Action Research With Dual Agendas.
Åberg et al: Openings for Innovations and Change? Issues of Masculinity in the World of Engineering.

Is Gender Equality Always Gender Equal?
Georgescu: Women in Romanian Local Politics - Researching Political Activism at the Local Level.
Kargbo et al: Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Corporate Cut Flower Production in China.
Szczygielska: The Heroines of Sustainable Development. Gender and Sustainable Development in a Critical Perspective.
Seemann: Construction of Gender Equality in Schools. Experiences with Gender Mainstreaming in Sweden. Equality, Growth and Sustainabiliy - Do they mix?

Sustainable Gender Equality: How Do We Get There and What Tools Do We Need?
Gërmizaj: Networking and mentoring – efficient tools in gender mainstreaming.
Haraldson Jensen & Scholten: Sustainable gender equality as enabler for innovation. Example from the public sector and women employed in institutional kitchen.
Katz & Thiem: Competencies for sustainability and gender: How to gain advantage. The problem, the theoretical background and questions.

Work – family balancing strategies
Carvalho et al: Work-family unbalance in the Portuguese tourism sector: Strategies for a better life and improved upward mobility.

Conference programme
Organisation committe
Scientific committe
Complete list of papersessions and workshops
Presentation of keynote speakers
Presentation of panellists
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