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Strategies for Sustainability: Institutional and Organisational Challenges.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Sustainability Conference.
Sustainable Development (SD) is a global role model that claims to function as a general orientation for shaping societal processes, i.e. , local, regional, national and international development. This is in line with the Brundtland and justice-oriented understanding of the term. It is understood as a role model and sometimes also interpreted as a regulative ideal. However, it does not state how exactly ″sustainable″ societies will or should look. It does not give us a step-by-step pattern to follow, but something like a frame of what ought to be done in order to transform today′s societies, including their economies. [...]
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Sustainable Consumption & Lifestyles

Marianne Dagevos: A sustainable lifestyle is a hybrid lifestyle

Christine Eifler, Kirsten Diekamp: The difficulties of sustainable consumption of clothing

Hazel Nash: Reshaping consumption patterns through law and policy - Is it possible?

Anne Wiese, Julian Kellner, Waldemar Toporowski: Does Environmental Friendliness Matter? -
A Discrete Choice Experiment Analysing Environmental Issues in Channel Choices

Sustainable Consumption & Lifestyles

Roberta Castri: Single-family house owners' perception, experiences and behavioural barriers
in retrofitting their home - A case study from Ticino, Southern Switzerland

Georg Feiner, Lisa Bohunovsky: Initiating lifestyle changes in a community arena - Lessons
learned from a pilot study in Austria

Janet Haddock-Fraser: In search of the elusive eco-consumer - Insights from a multi-enquiry
approach investigating attitudes and behaviours relating to food purchasing

Markus Kunz: The «model of capital stocks» (Kapitalstockmodell) as a basic concept for the
implementation of suffiency strategies

Theories of Sustainable Development.

Helena Bender, Kate Judith: Does sustainability emerge from the relationships between

Marie-Valentine Florin: Risk governance as a tool for sustainable development cales?ustainable Regional Development

Joachim Fünfgelt, Stefan Baumgärtner: A utilitarian notion of responsibility for sustainability

Jürgen Kopfmüller: Sustainable Development - universal or contextual guiding principle?

Merlina Missimer, Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Göran Broman: Are social sustainability principles

Sustainable Regional Development

Mojca Kokot Krajnc, Ana Vovk Korže: Revitalisation of Old Industrial Areas is an Opportunity
for Sustainable Regional Development

Stephan Schmidt: Action Capacity as a central criterion for sustainable regional development
- The Swiss knowledge based strategy NRP under scrutiny

Kumar Ujjwal: Skill development towards sustainable livelihoods in India - Skill development
for livelihoods enhancement

Sustainable Regional Development
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