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Making it tangible: Learning outcomes in science education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Part A: Setting the Scene
1. Making it Tangible - Specifying Learning Outcomes in Science Education
Sascha Bernholt, Knut Neumann & Peter Nentwig

Part B: The big picture
2. Moving Beyond Standards: How Can We Improve Elementary Science Learning? A German Perspective
Kornelia Möller, Ilonca Hardy & Kim Lange

3. Developing a Framework for Diagnostic Assessment of Early Science
Benö Csapó

4. The Design o f an Assessment System Focused on Student Achievement: A Learning Sciences Perspective on Issues of Competence, Growth, and Measurement
James W. Pellegrino

5. Learning Outcomes in Ireland - Implications for the Science Classroom
Declan Kennedy

6. Assessing Professional Competences and their Development in Vocational Education in Germany - State o f Research and Perspectives
Reinhold Nickolaus, Andreas Lazar & Kerstin Norwig

Part C: The devil in the details
7. Competencies: The German Notion o f Learning Outcomes
Olaf Köller, Ilka Parchmann

8. Capturing the Diversity o f Students' Competences in Science Classrooms: Differences and Commonalities of Three Complementary Approaches
Sascha Bernholt, Sabina Eggert & Christoph Kulgemeyer

9. Assessment of Standards-based Learning Outcomes in Science Education: Perspectives from the German Project ESNaS
Kerstin Kremer, Hans E. Fischer, Alexander Kauertz, Jürgen Mayer, Elke Sumfleth & Maik Walpuski

10. Standards, Competencies and Outcomes. A Critical View
Horst Schecker

11. The Development, Validation, and Implementation of Standards in Science Education: Chances and Difficulties in the Swiss Project HarmoS
Peter Labudde, Christian Nidegger, Marco Adamina & Francois Gingins

12. The Promise and Value o f Learning Progression Research
Joseph S. Krajcik, LeeAnn M. Sutherland, Kathryn Drago & Joi Merritt

13. Using Learning Progression to Organize Learning Outcomes: Implications for Assessment
Xiufeng Liu

14. The Challenge o f Alignment of Students' Learning Outcomes with Curriculum Guidelines, Instruction, and Assessment in Science Practice in Taiwan
Mei-Hung Chiu & Hui-Jung Chen

15. Learning Outcomes for Science in Australia: How Are They Defined, Measured, and Implemented?
Debra Panizzon

Part D : Perspectives from Different Countries
16. How Learning Outcomes in Science Are Specified and Measured in the English School System
Robin Millar, Mary Whitehouse & Ian Abrahams

17. An Examination of Turkish Science Curricula from a Historical Perspective with an Emphasis on Learning Outcomes
Alipasa Ayas

18. Defining the Structure and the Content of a New Chemistry Curriculum in the Netherlands
Cris Bertona

19. Potential Learning Outcomes Inferred from French Curricula in Science Education
Patrice Venturini & Andrée Tiberghien

20. Item Construction for Finnish National Level Assessment in School Physics Without Pre-Defined Learning Outcomes
Jari Lavonen, Heidi Krzywacki & Laura Koistinen

Part E : A Coda
21. Learning Outcomes in Science Education: A Synthesis of the International Views on Defining, Assessing and Fostering Science Learning
Knut Neumann, Sascha Bernholt & Peter Nentwig