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Sustainable Development.
OECD Policy Approaches for the 21st Century.

Since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, sustainability has emerged as an over-arching policy goal in the OECD Secretariat and in its Member countries. Real progress depends upon the integration of environmental and social goals with economic ones. This publication provides an overview and analysis of trends and identifies policy gaps and trade-offs that have been encountered and points to future options. The authors document positive trends which have emerged signalling greater sustainability, as well as areas where progress has proved more elusive. While the main focus is the OECD region, expanding linkages -- among all countries and regions -- form an important part of the story. The coverage of the volume reflects the OECD's diverse subject matter expertise, and some of the interdisciplinary synergies that the Organisation can generate. Part I of this two-part volume concentrates on socio-economic issues, including the integration of economics and environment; trade and environment; changing consumption and production patterns; assessing environmental performance; development co-operation; and the evolution of aid agencies since Rio. Part II takes an in-depth look at nine sectoral issues: energy; transport; agriculture; toxic chemicals; climate change; nuclear energy; urbanisation; biotechnology; and education. In short, this publication gives essential keys to meet the major challengeof the 21st century: helping to make sustainability a reality.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
-Introduction by Marilyn Yakowitz
-Integrating the Environment and the Economy by Michel Potier
-Shaping the 21st Century: The Contribution of Development Cooperation by James H. Michel
-Assessing Environmental Performance by Christian Averous
-Consumption and Production Patterns: Making the Change by Elaine Geyer-Allely and Jeremy Eppel
-Aid Agencies: Changing to Meet the Requirements of Rio by Bettina Soderbaum
-Trade and Environment in the OECD by Robert Youngman and Dale Andrew
-Energy Challenges and Opportunities for Action by Lee Solsbery
-Transport, Economic Development, and Social Welfare by Stephen Perkins, Barrie Stevens, and Regis Confavreux
-Sustainable Agriculture by Ronald Steenblik, Leo Maier and Wilfred Legg
-Sound Management of Toxic Chemicals by Dian Turnheim
-Climate Change: Policy Options for OECD Countries by Jan Corfee Morlot and Laurie Michaelis
-Nuclear Energy and Sustainability by Elina Berghall and Josef Konvitz
-Biotechnology and Sustainable Development by Carliene Brenner, Mark Cantley, Jean-Marie Debois, Lisa Zannoni and Elettra Ronchi
-Environmental Education and Sustainable Development: Trends in Member Countries by Kathleen Kelley-Laine