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Proceedings of the Conference "Committing Universities to Sustainable Development".
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Dr.Evelyn NOWOTNY Department for Universities of Technology Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Cultur

The Sustainable University Cluster Graz - A New Approach to Academic Education and Research
Michael Narodoslawsky, Graz University of Technology

The Role of Managemnet in Sustainable Universities
Friedrich M.Zimmermann, Vice-President for Research and Knowledge Transfer

The United Decade of Education for Sustainable Development -
Students Role and Contribution to Make a Differnce
Clemens Mader, President oikos International

Promoting sustainable development through education in the era of globalisierung: a japanese perspective
Professor Emeritus Ryokirchi Hirono, Seikei University, Tokyo, Japan

The onset of creating a model sustainable institution: A case study analysis of Yale University
Julie Newman, Ph.D. (Sustainability Director), Yale University

Governance: Neglected foundations of university sustainability
R. Michael M`Gonigle, JSD, Victoria, BC, Canada

Session A1
Locust, butterflies and grasshoppers - Why `Sustainability`is the only true competitive advantage Swinburne has.
Marcus Barber, Swinbume University of Technology, Melbourne Australia

The Ins and Outs of Sustainable Universities
H.H Kleizen, Hoogewerff Chair Sustainable Chemical Technology, University of Delft

European Refernce Point for Technology Transfer for Sustainable Development: mission and projects
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Walter Leal Filho, TuTech Innovation, Hamburg, Germany

Higher Education for Sustainable Development - Contributors from Risk Research to Public Awareness of Sustainability
André Gazso, Emmerich Seidelberger University of Vienna, Institute of Risk Research

Session A2
Universities and Their Role in Enhancing Human and Social Capitel for Sustainability. Polish Perspective
Elzbieta Goncz, Planning for Development, Center of Excellence of Enviornmental Assessment & Monitoring at GUT Waldemar Wardencki, Chemical Faculty, Gdansk University of Technology
Jacek Namiesnik, Center of Exellence of Envionental Assessment & Monitoring at GUT Waldemar Wardenicki,
Chemical Faculty, Gdansk University of Technology Jacez Nemiesnik,
Centre of Exellence of Enviornmental Assessement & Monitoring

A Lecture on „Responsibility for Sustainable Technological Development" at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Kurt A. Detzer, VDI, TUM, Germany

Life Cycle in Education for Envionmental Professionals
Dr. Yoram Krozer, Cartesius Institute, University Twente, The Netherlands

Shaping environment ality: challances for Ukrainian envionmental education
Lyudmyla Zahvoyska, Lyudmyla Maskymiv, Institute of Ecological Economics, Ukrainian State University of Forestry and Wood Technology

Session B1
Education for a Sustainable Built Enviornment
P. Maydl, Institute of Technology and Testing of Building Materials, Graz University of Technology

Teaching Sustainable Development in New Business Schools (The Case of Transitional Economy)
Professor Lech W. Zacher, Director of the Centre for Impact Assessment Studies and Forecasting at the Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management Warsaw, Polen,
Marta Struminska, M.A. Ph.D. student in this Academy

Session B3
Education for sustainable development: a look from the Ukraine
Prwir dwird of. Dr Lew Gerbilsky, Ukrainian Ecological Association "Zeleny Svit", Dr. Victor Khazan, NGO "Green Doctors - ISDE Ukraine",
Dennis Küster, Leibnitz-Institute for Science Education, Kiel, Dr.Olena Staroseletska, Germany Institute of Ecology and Natur Management, National Academy of Science, Ukraine

Education for Sustainability in Ireland: The Outcome of two Audits and Some hopes for a Way Forward
Tony Weekes, Faculty of the Builit Enviornment, Dublin Institute of Technology; Joanne Davidson,
Centre for the Environment, Trinity College Dublin; Michael O`Donnell, The Gibson Institute, Queen`s University Belfast

Session B4
Challenges and opportunities for research partnerships with developing contries: sustainable development for poverty alleviation from an Austrian perspective
Birgit Habermann, Comission for Development Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (KEF)

RCE-Europe: Regional Centres of Expertise in the context of the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development
M.C.E. van Dam-Mieras, J.H.A.N. Rikers, Open Universiteit Nederland, J.H.C.M. Hermans,
Hogeschool Zuyd, Heerlen, The Netherlands

Ca` Foscari University of Venice from local to international co-operation
Professor Gabriele Zanetto (Director CESD), Francesco Zanini, Ph.D. Student,
Center of Exellence for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Coastal Areas, Ca` Foscari University of Venice210

Session C1
40 years action of commiting Universities to Common Action focused of Sustainable Development
Jan v. Dobrowolski, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Polen

Putting hands into the mechanisms of the local authorities: working on EMAS in the CIRSA-AISA garage team
D.Marazza, A.Contin, CIRSA, P.Giacomin, F. Focaccia, LABORATORIO AISA

Session C2
Innovative Sustainability Monitoring and Reporting of Universities
Dip.-Soz. Bastian Behrens, Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ, artec Forschungszentrum Nachhaltigkeit,
University Bremen

Evaluting the Sustainability of research of a University of Technology,
Towards a general methodology
Karel Mulder, Delft University of Technology, Dept. Technology Policy & Management, Leo Jansen,
Delft University of Technology, Platform Sustainable Development

Environmental reporting and Enviornmental management accounting for ration understanding sustainable management
Heinz Karl Prammer, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria

Evaluating European Business Schools on their contributors to Sustainable Development
Heiko Spitzeck, Universtiy of St.Gallen Schwitzerland, Claude Patrick Siegenthaler, Hosei University Tokyo Japan

Session C3
The Scholar Agenda 21: a tool of Education for Sustainable Development
Itziar Aguado, Dpt. Applied Economics, University of Basque Country

A Typology of the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for Universities:
Concenptual Development and Application in the Case of the University of Macedonia
Benjamin Karatzoglou, University of Macedonia

Energy Management in the German Higher Education Sector - Outcomes of an Empirical Study
Martin Meyer-Renschhausen, FH Darmstadt

Young Masters Pogram - Learning in the ICT -expended University
Brigitta Nordén*, Centre for Learning Lund at Lund University and International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden

Session D1
Sustainable Universities and Scientific Training for Sustainable Development
Paul Burger, University of Basel

Session D2
Susainability apprenticeships: an action research project on teaching
sustainable living throught on-campus service/action learning
Almut Berninger, PhD, Associate Professor/Director, Environmental Studies and Sustainability
University of Prince Eward Island, Canada

Cultur Landscape Europark - Sustainable development Model for Europe
Jaroslav Figala, Institute of Environmental Engineering, VSB-Technical University Ostrava-Czech Republic

Approach in Education and Research toward Sustainable Development in Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), Iran
M.R. Alavi Moghadam, R. Maknoun, A. Taher-shams, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), Theran, Iran, M.Sotoudehm, Institute of Technology Assessment,
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

University Course "Education for Sustainable Development - Innovations in Teacher Education" (BINE): Reasons, Concept and First Experiences
Franz Rauch (Klagenfurt University) and Regina Steiner (FORUM Umweltbildung)

Session D3
European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development
Ron J.M. Cörvers, Open University of the Netherlands, School of Science

Polish-Swedish „Environmental Management" Course - an integrated tool for teaching sustabile development
Agnieszka Flaga, Institute of Heat Engineering and Air Protection, Cracow University of Technology
(CUT), Poland*, Frederik Grondahl, Division of Industrial Ecology, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden **

Implementation Strategies in the Framework of an European Higher Education Network:
The Baltic University Pogramme (BUP) and the Trinational Neisse University. Projects at the Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz (FH) -University of Applied
Dip.-Kff. Anke Hoffmann, University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz, Germany

Session D4
A new paradigm in sustainable education
Peter Glavic, University of New England, Australia

Multinational Project-Based Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development
Gretchen Kalonji, Director of International Strategy Development, University of California Office of the President,
Kyocera Proffesor of Materials Science, University of Washington

Environment Management (EM) and Sustainable Development (SD) in University`s Strategic Management:
Motivation and Experience from the Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz - University of Applied Sciences (F.R.G.)
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bernd Delakowitz, University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz, Germany

Session D5
Exploring a sustainable world
Margien C. Bootsma, Peter P.J. Driessen, Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Education for Sustainability in Higher Education Curricula: Possibilities and Issues for Experiential Pedagogy
Alison Lugg, Moray House School of Education, University of Edingburgh

Intinatives and Actions taken by the Chemical Faculty at Gdansk University of Technology (GUT for Education in SD (ESD)
Waldemar Wardencki, Chemical Faculty, Gdansk University of Technology Jacek Namiesnik,
Elzbieta Goncz, Centre of Excellence of Environmental Analysis & Monitoring

The University of Mato Grosso State`s - UNEMAT Agriculture Environmental Science Pogram - PCAA case study of Alta Floresta campus
Eder Zanetti, Forest Engineer, PhD, Unemat, City Lake Collage, Brasil

Poster Abstracts
Leben 2014: Perspectives for integrated regional development in the nation park region Hohe Tauern, Salzburg
Bernhard Ferner, Regina Hajszan, Pamela Mühlmann, Karl Atzmannsdorfer

MOVE IT - Spreading the idea of sustainability
Kurt Pinter, Monika Krammer

Project: Tüwi
Christina Ehgartner, Theresa Heitzlhofer, Michael Kovar, Harald Kölbl, Konrad Berghuber

Monitoring of Sustainable Development A cooperation between Science, Education and Practice
Bernhard Ferner, Regine Hajszan, Parnela Mühlmann, Sonja Völler;
(coachers: Ingeborg Fiala, Jürg Minsch)

Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability Master`s Program
Mandy Tew and Jennifer Woofter, Master`s Students Blekinge Institute of Technology Karlskrona, Sweden

Project „VITA NOVA - Sustainable development concept in the monastery Zwettl"
Utta Ertl

Approaching a greener university: a case study on University of Maribor
Peter Glavic, Rebeka Lukmann, Lidija Dolenc

Abstract „Project SUSPEN & SUSPENder"
Doris Herbst, Christine Riedl

The ethical - social communication for companies as a strategy of environmental education from the point of view of sustainability
F. Della Corte*, M.De Castro***, A.Zollo*** & E.Aloj** * Doctorate of research in environmental law **
full professor Universitá degli Studi del Sannio *** leraned in ecology ****
geoeco adviser

The definition of enviornmental compexity concept as didactic instrument for sustainability
Eugenia Aloj, Professor in University of Studies of Sannio and Scientific
Responsible of Operative Unit `Biology and Ecology for preservation of environment` in Regional Centre of Competence BENECON (Italy),
Couthors: Vincenzo Pepe, Professor in environmental Law in Seconda Universita degli Studi di Napoli SUN and Member Participant in Operative Unit`Biology and
Ecology for preservation of environment`in Regional Centre of Compentence BENECON (Italy),
Rosario De lulio Coordinator of exercises in Environmental Education in Universitá Suor Orsola Benincasa (Italy),
Anna Zollo, Learner in Ecology University of Studies of Sannio (Italy)

Strategies activity of Enviornmental Communications as didactic goal in the courses of Environmental Education
Vincenzo Pepe, Preffessor in Environmental Law in Seconda Universitá degli Studi di Napoli SUN and President of Geo Eco Spa (Italy), Eugenia Aloj, Prefessor in Enviornment Education and Communication in Universitá Sour Orsola Benincasa(Italy),
Mariagrazia De Satro, Researcher in Regional Centre of Competence BENECON (Italy),
Rosario De lulio Coordinator of exercises in Enivornmental Education in Universitá Sour Orsola Benincasa (Italy),
Anna Zollo, Learner in Ecology in University of Studies of Sannio (Italy)

Strategic activity of Environmental Communication as didactic goal in the courses of Enivirnomental Education
Vincenzo Pepe,
Professor in Environmental Law in Seconda Universitá degli Studi di Napoli SUN and President of Geo Eco Spa (Italy),
Eugenia Aloj, Professor in Environmental Education and Communication in Universitá Sour Orsola Benincasa (Italy),
Francesco Della Corte, Researcher in Environmental Law in Seconda Universitá degli Studi di Napoli SUN (Italy),
Anna Zollo, Coordinator of exercises in Environmental Education in Universitá Sour Orsola Benincasa (Italy)

The Ecology of Tourism as a new disciplinary area: the case study of Cilento as model of touristic sustainability
Vincenzo Pepe, Prefessor in Environmental Law in Seconda Universitá degli Studi di Napoli SUN and
President of Centre Study Gimbattista Vico in Vatolla (Italy), Eugenia Aloj, Professor in Ecology Prefessor in Ecology in
Universitá of Studies and Scientific Responsible of Operative Unit`Biology and Ecology for
preservation of environment` in Regional Centre of Competence BENECON (Italy),
Mariagrazia De Castro, Researcher in Regional Centre of Competence BENECON (Italy), Giannicola Galotto,
Researcher in Enviornmental Law in Seconda Universitá degli Studi di Napolin SUN (Italy), Anna Zollo,
stagiaire in Study Centre "Giambattista Vico"(Italy)
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