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World in Transition: Sustainability Perspectives for Higher Education.
Bad Homburg:
Higher education has notable contributions to make to processes of change towards global sustainability – be they of local, regional, national, or international scale. Intensified global debate on higher education for sustainable development (HESD) has been taken up by the Second International Conference on Higher Education for Sustainable Development July 2007, jointly organised by the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, UASLP) and the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany, supported by the Mexican and German Commissions for UNESCO.

This book reflects current debates and experiences in HESD with special attention to the relation between the North and the South. It scrutinises inter alia the role of universities in society, innovative learning and teaching experiences, impacts of teaching and learning methods, institutional culture and organisational/governance structures, gender issues, main-streaming sustainability, and university and community linkages. (Verlagsinfo)
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Part I: Higher Education for Sustainable Global Change - Interpretation & Realization

Pedro Medellin-Milan and Angela Franz-Balsen
Higher Education for Sustainable Global Change - Interpretation & Realization

Maria Teresa Bravo Mercado and Norma Mota Palomino
Towards Environmental and Higher Education Sustainability in Mexico-Progress and Proposals

Luis Velazquez, Andrea Zavala and Nora Munguia
Becoming a Sustainable University - "The University of Sonora Case Study"

David Barkin
StrengtheningTradition through Innovation - University Strategies for Implementing Sustainable and Participatory Strategies

Cecilia Rocha
Building Capacity for Food Security in Brazil-The Role of Universities

Newton Antonio P. Bryan
Construction of a Network of Researchers for Higher Education
Management in Relation to Sustainable Development

David Alba Hidalgo
The Commitment of Spanish Public Universities to Sustainability - The Analysis of Sustainable Management Processes and Education for Sustainabiliry

M. Zafar labal
Comparative Perspectives on Student Participation in Sustainable Development

Part II: Defining and Reorienting Competencies for Sustainable Global Change

Alejandro Drovandi and Matthias Barth
Defining and Reorienting Competencies for Sustainable Global Change

Hans Dieleman
The Competencies of Artful Doing and Artful Knowing in Higher Education for Sustainability

Almut Beringer
Ecological Identities as Foundation for Sustainability
Competencies - Contributions from Conservation Psychology and Sustainable Campuses

Marco Rieckmann
Developing Shaping Competence in Informal Settings at Universities

Matthias Barth
Assessment of Key Competencies-A Conceptual Framework

Part III: Global Networks & Local Partnerships - Connecting Stakeholders

Maik Adomssent and Edgar Gonzalez Gaudiano
Global Networks & Local Partnerships- Connecting Stakeholders

Monika Pompetzki and Sonya Grad
Higher Education and Sustainability - The Promise of University, Community and Curriculum

Rietje van Dam-Mieras and Jos Rikers
A Regional Center of Expertise in the Rhine-Meuse-Region

Sylvester Flores and Mercedes Martinez
Creating Sustainable Communities in Mexico andTexas - University Community and Government Partnerships and Networks

Shafia Súcar Súccar, Luz Maria Nieto Caraveo and Pedro Medellín Milán
Emergence, Evolution and Challenges of Institutional Environmental Programmes at Mexican Universities.
ComplexusTasks from a Sustainability Perspective

Abel Quiñones Urquijo, Ana Lilia Castillo Coto and Omar SánchezValladares
The University of Cienfuegos and Sustainable Development- An Experience of Municipality of Cumanayagua, Cuba

Felipe Reyes Escutia
Formulation of aViable Model for the Reorganization of Modern Public
Universities from the Sustainability Perspective

Part IV: Sustainable Universities and Participation

Almut Beringer and Miguel Aguilar Robledo
Sustainable Universities and Participation

Ute Stoltenberg
Learning and Communicating Sustainability as a Participative Method

Anne Sibbel
Learning Pathways to Sustainability via Higher Education

Raúl Calixto Flores
Academic Participation in Education for Sustainable Development

Iliana Ay ala Rodríguez and Patricia Flores Briseño
An Approach to Regional Environmental Problems as an Innovative Strategy in University Studies-Creating a Sustainable Future

Almut Beringer
Institutionalizing a Multi-Stakeholder Process toward
Sustainability at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada-The Role of Action Research

Germán Vargas Callejas
The Sustainable Development Plan of the University of Santiago de Compostela -A Critical and Propositional Perspective

José Gu tiérrez Pérez, Alexis González Dulza ides, Yudelsy Acuña Bermúdez, Annido Martínez Aragón and Francisco Molina Rodríguez
Evaluation of an Integral Environmentalization Programme at the University of Ciego de Avila-Challenges and Perspectives

Arantza Ibabe,Jasone Unzueta and Miren Onaindia
Including Sustainability into the Curriculum at the University of the Basque Country - An Ongoing Process

Ana Carrero de Blanco and Margarita Garcia Tovar
The Pedagogical Institute of Caracas - Towards Formulating a Model for Introducing Sustainable Higher Education

Nerea Ramirez Piris and Javier Benayas delÁlamo
The Environmental Volunteering Programme of the Autonomous University of Madrid

Hans Dieleman and Margarita Juarez-Najera
State of the Art of Higher Education for Sustainability in Mexico - Analysis of 40 Institutional Environmental Plans on 7 Indicators

Facing the Challenge: Research and Development Approaches

Gerd Michelsen and Marco Rieckmann
International Master's Programme in Sustainable Development and Management

Maik Adomssent, Matthias Barth and Marco Rieckmann
The'Lüneburg Sustainable University' Research and Development Project

Angela Franz-Balsen and Norpisah Matlsah
Gender & Diversity in the Context of Higher Education for Sustainable Development -An Intercontinental Exchange

About the Authors