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Science and environmental education.
Towards the integration of science education, experimental science activities and environmental education.
Frankfurt am Main [u.a.]
This book tries to bridge the gap between science and environmental education by describing a set of projects, initiatives and field activities, which aim at raising awareness on the environment and encourage action. Via the descriptions of approaches, methods and projects, it shows how different organisations have been linking science with environmental education, the approaches used and the outcomes achieved. The various case studies guarantee that a special emphasis is given to practice – as opposed to a focus on the theory as has largely been the case in the past. This publication presents inputs from experienced science and environmental educators, drawing heavily from examples from Portugal. It will be a valuable tool for teachers, academics and practitioners as well as to students, who will find useful hints and advice on how to link science and environmental education, bearing in mind different contexts, realities and resources.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Marina Prieto Afonso Lencastre: Environmental Ethics and Moral Behaviour

Luís Marques/Amparo Vilches/Daniel Gil-Pérez/João Praia/David Thompson: The Current Planetary Crisis – A Missing Dimension in Science Education

Graça Martinho/Ana Paula Martinho/Maria Paula Nunes/Graça Gonçalves: Retrospective of Twelve Years (1990–2002) of Environmental Education in Portuguese Schools

Paula Bacelar-Nicolau/Leonor Bacelar Nicolau/Jorge M.M. Galamba/Ulisses M. Azeiteiro: Environmental Literacy in Biodiversity Terms, at the End of the Compulsory School – Case Study in Amadora, Portugal

Marina Prieto Afonso Lencastre/Cristina Leite: Popular Science and Environmental Education – A Case Study in Ecological Ethnography

Ana Cláudia Oliveira/António Luís: Knowledge of Portuguese Wild Fauna among Pupils attending Basic Education

Márcia Andrade/Marina Lencastre/Rui Leal: Visual Anthropology in the Project TERRA: Photographing the Place – Environmental Conceptions of 3rd Cycle Pupils in Portugal

Marina Prieto Afonso Lencastre/Rui Marcelino Leal: Educational Narrativity and Environmental Literacies – The TERRA Project

Catarina Ribeiro Marques/Joana Luísa Pereira/Nelson Abrantes/Fernando Gonçalves: Use of Bioindicators in Water Quality Assessment – Applicability to Several Education Levels

Sara C. Antunes/Anna M.M. Gonçalves/Ana S. Almeida/Fernando Gonçalves/Ruth Pereira: Edaphic Fauna as a Tool to Perceive Biodiversity – A Stepwise Learning Experience

Sérgio M. Marques/Fernando Gonçalves/Ruth Pereira: Experimental Amphibian Response to Climate Change Might Reveal why Dinosaurs Become Extinct

Ana M.M. Gonçalves/Sara C. Antunes/Ruth Pereira/Fernando Gonçalves: The Input of Nutrients in Freshwater Ecosystems – A Simulation of the Eutrophication Process

Ana M.M. Gonçalves/Bruno B. Castro/Fernando Gonçalves: Toxicity Effects of Sodium Chloride – A Tool to Perceive Environmental Change in Freshwater Ecosystems

Patrícia Ana Costa/Joana Luísa Pereira/Fernando Gonçalves: Ecology and Conservation in Primary School – A Case-Study with Tyto Alba Dietary Regime

Sónia Costa/Filipe Martinho/Carlos Palmeira/Miguel Ângelo Pardal: Overfishing, Aquaculture and the Problem of Food Quality · A Case Study for Portuguese Students

Arminda Pedrosa/Maria José S.M. Moreno: Sustainable Development, Problem Solving and Citizenship Nowadays - Reflections Based on a Study with University Students

Sandra Sofia Caeiro/Ana Paula Martinho/Maria Paula Nunes/Patricia Ventura: Household Sustainable Consumption – An Evaluation of Environmental Awareness Materials

José S.M. Moreno/Arminda Pedrosa: Ecologic Sustainability and Individual and Collective Everyday Practices – Views of the EQOFAR

Ana Isabel Baptista/Fernando Manuel Raposo Morgado: A Citizens View about Media Contribution to Environmental Education

Silvia Maria Francisco/Fernando Manuel Raposo Morgado: School Community Insight about Media Contribution to the Environmental Education Improvement

Paulo Dias/António Nogueira/Fernando Morgado: Analysis of Environmental and Socioeconomic Asymmetries among Interior and Litoral Areas in a Sustainable Development Perspective.