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Social learning in environmental management.
Towards a sustainable future.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

List of Figures, Tables and Boxes v

List of Contributors viii

Acknowledgements xvi

List of Acronyms and Abbreviations xviii

Section 1: A Social Learning Approach to Environmental Management
1 Social Learning: A New Approach to Environmental Management
Meg Keen, ValerieA. Brown and Rob Dyball

2. Traditions of Understanding: Language, Dialogue and Experience
Ray Ison

3. Complex Adaptive Systems: Constructing Mental Models
Rob Dyball, Sara Beavis and Stefan Kaufman

Section 2: Learning Partnerships with Communities
4. Communities' Self-determination: Whose Interests Count?
Jennifer Andrew and Ian Robottom

5. Partnerships in Civil Society: Linking Bridging and Bonding Social Capital
Rory Eames

6. Combining People, Place and Learning
Tom Measham and Richard Baker

7. Collaborative Learning: Bridging Scales and Interests
Meg Keen and Sango Mahanty

Section 3: Learning Partnerships with Government
8. Linking Community and Government: Islands and Beaches
Valeric A. Brown and Jennifer Pitcher

9. Changing Governments: Councils Embracing the Precautionary Principle
Victoria Critchley and Jennifer Scott

10. Felt Knowing: A Foundation for Local Government Practice
Greg Walkerden

Section 4: Personal and Professional Learning
11. The Ethics of Social Engagement: Learning to Live and Living to Learn
John Harris and Peter Deane

12. Science Communication for Scientists: Reshaping a Culture
Sue Stocklmayer, Mike Gore arid Chris Bryant

13. The Reflective Practitioner: Practising What We Preach
ValerieA. Brown, Robert Dyball Meg Keen, Judy Lambert and Nicki Mazur

Section 5: Learning for the Future
14. Lessons from the Past, Learning for the Future
Valerie A. Brown, Meg Keen and Hob Dyhall