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Environmental education and awareness.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Inagural Key Note Address

Indian Environment Management - Issues and Challenges
Sukumar Devotta

Plenary Lectures

1. Methodology for Determining the Sanitary Landfill and Solid Waste Dump Sites by Using Remote Sensing Techniques and Geographic Information System
Mohamad Rukieh

2. Issues Related to Management of Water Resources in InJia
V. Subramanian

3. Ocean Observing Systems and Information Services
K. Radhakrishnan

Key Note Lectures

4. Society of Hill Resource Management School (SHRMS)

5. Center for Environment, 1ST
B.Gopal K.Reddi

Technical Papers
1. Gender in Environmental Education and Management in Developing Countries :Uganda's Experience
Arinaitwe Gilbert Kansiime

2. Role of Shrms in Setting Trend to Work for Environmental Management in Jharkhand
Sinha, S.P, Choubey, J. and Sinha R.

3. Study of Environmental and Economical Aspects in a Refinery towards Sustainable Development
Shiva Prakash, B. Manoj Kumar, B Manoharan, V. and Lokesh K.S.

4. Some Aspects of Human Environment CE II - Socio-economic, Religious, Political and Technical Aspects
Krishna Reddi, B. G.

5. Environmental and Social Aspects of High Speed Transport Corridors
Unnikrishnan N.

6. ISO 14000 : A Case Study in Luggage Manufacturing Industry
Jaju S.B.

7. Content and Composition of Green Productivity
Sundar. I.

8. Sustainable Growth: Combining Ecological Issues into Strategic Planning
Mohammad Shamsuddoha and Mohammad Nasir Uddin

9/ Environmental Awareness and Education for Sustainable Development
Anji Reddy, M. Needhidasan S. and Abel Arulnathan S.

10. Learning by Doing and Sharing : Participatory Environmental Appraisal (A Case Study of SaraZhgamish Village in Kurdistan Province of Iran)
Rezvanfar A. and Vaisy H.

11. Chakriya Vikas Practices for Environmental Awareness Programmes
Sinha S.P. and Sinha S.K.

12. Environmental Education through Mother Goddess Worship
Maria-Priska Ondrich

13. Environment and Learning
Sreekanth. Y.

14. An Effective Curriculum for Children on Kids Eco-Programme
Shoba, R. Periasamy PA. and Senthilvadivu D.

15. Sustainable Development in Higher Education
Mohammad Shamsuddoha, Tanvir Mohammad Hyder Arif, Mohammad Alamgir.

16. Including Renewable Energy Technology as a part of Environmental Engineering Course for E.E.E. Branch
Muthukumar S.
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