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Higher education for sustainability.
New challenges from a global perspective.
Frankfurt am Main
Education is the keystone to the vision of worldwide sustainable development. Higher education plays a particular role in the context of sustainable development: it has a major influence on the way in which future generations in positions of responsibility will deal with the complex demands they will face as a result of globalisation and world trade, problems with poverty and the environment and development.

This book reflects the experience of many different people, from all over the world, united by their work on higher education for sustainability. The variety of different political, methodological, and didactical approaches is the visible expression of the diversity of worldwide efforts to face the challenge of sustainability creatively and constructively. The effectiveness of higher education's efforts for sustainability depend on the strength and inclusiveness of the partnerships, networks and alliances that develop among stakeholders at all levels. This book aims to play its part in promoting Higher Education for Sustainable Development at the international level.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Maik Adomssent
Higher Education for Sustainability: Challenges and Obligations from a Global Perspective
Part I: The UN Decade 'Education for Sustainable Development' and the Role of UNESCO
Walter Hirche
Educating for a More Humane Globalisation
Roland Bernecker
A Partnership Approach: Implementing the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in Germany
Alexander Leicht
The UNESCO Chairs Programme
Gerd Michelsen
Higher Education for Sustainable Development: The UNESCO Chair at the University of Lüneburg
Part II: Focussing upon Higher Education for Sustainability
Antonietta Di Giulio
Education for Sustainable Development - What Does
It Mean and What Should Students Learn?
Günter Altner
Ethical and Methodical Aspects of the Concept of Sustainability for Academia's Contribution to Sustainability Research
-Seven Theses
Yaacov Iram
Education of Minorities: A Global Challenge for Sustainable Development
Jagdish S. Gundara
Intercultural Studies, Sustainable Development and Higher Education
Lenelis Kruse
Methodological Reflections on Learning and Teaching Sustainability in Higher Education
Michael Herrmann
Education for Sustainability through Experiential Learning
John Fien
Capacity Building for a Sustainable University
Part III: Advocating the Adoption of HESD: Progress Reports from Different Countries
Sonia Marta Mora-Escalante
Education for Sustainable Development: A View from Latin America
Debra Rowe
Education for Sustainable Development in the US - an Update
Luz Maria Nieto-Caraveo & Pedro Medell í n-Mil á n
Environment, Sustainability and Higher Education in Mexic Institutional Underpinnings and the Strategies and Contributions of Public Universities
Carl Lindberg
Implementing HESD in Sweden
Jacques J. Paulus S. J.
Ecodevelopment and Ethnosciences - Strategies and Tools of Sustainable Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Alireza Mesdaghinia, Ramin Nabizadeh, Simin Nasseri &Jafar Nouri
Environmental Education in Iran - Present Situation and Future Plans
H. M. Nissanka Warakaulle
Intercultural and Global Learning - a Special Reference to Sri Lanka
Part IV: HESD in Action - Examples from Around the World
Matthias Barth & Jasmin Godemann
Study Programme Sustainability - a Way to Impart Competencies for Handling Sustainability?
RonJ.M. C ö wers
European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development - The International Classroom
Imke Lode
Studying Digital Media at the International School of New Media (ISNM): International, Intercultural, Sustainability-oriented
Jordi Segalàs, Didac Ferrer-Balas & Karel Mulder
Embedding Sustainability in Engineering Education - Experiences from Dutch and Spanish Technical Universities
Karine Danielyan & Artak Sahradyan
Experience of Higher Education for Sustainable Development in the Republic of Armenia
Mu Choon Lee
Eco Campus in South Korea. A Case Study of Yonsei University Wonju Campus
Clemens Mader & Gerhard Schlacher
Exchanging Knowledge and Good Practices of Education for Sustainable Development within a Global StudentOrganisation (oikos)
Raimonds Ernsteins
Partnerships between Municipalities and Universities as Means to Promote Regional and Local SustainableDevelopment in Latvia
Ute Stoltenberg
Sustainable Development and Learning for Sustainability through a Regional Network Project -The Wielkopolska Project
Janet Moore
The Learning City Project: Enabling Sustainability Education in Action
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