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Geographical views on education for sustainable development.
Lucerne-Symposium, Switzerland, July 29 - 31, 2007.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :


Sibylle Reinfried (Lucerne), Yvonne Schleicher (Weingarten), Armin Rempfler (Lucerne)

Keynote Papers
Cultural Evolution And The Concept Of Sustainable Development:
From Global To Local Scale And Back
Peter Baccini (Zurich)

Geography Education For Sustainable Development
Hartwig Haubrich (Freiburg)

The Alps In Geographical Education And Research
Paul Messerli (Berne)

Refereed Papers
Symposium Session: Outdoor Education and ESD
Places Of Sustainability In Cities: An Outdoor-Teaching Approach
André Odermatt (Zurich), Katja Brundiers (Zurich)

Children′s Awareness Of Relationships Between Their Own Town And Rice Field
Landscapes Through The Experience Of Rice Planting On The Upstream Of
Tenpaku River
Koji Ohnishi (Toyama)

A Centre For Environmental Information And Education - Students Develop A New
Theory-Based Concept To Present The Restoration Of Floodplain Dynamics And
Flood Plain Forests On The River Danube
Ingrid Hemmer (Eichstätt), Peter Loreth (Eichstätt), Bernd Cyffka (Eichstätt)

Symposium Session: Epistemology and ESD
Geography, Education For Sustainable Development And Primary School Curricula:
A Complex Triangle
Stefano Malatesta (Milano), Monica Camuffo (Venezia)

Does Geography ′Really′ Contribute To ESD? : Critical Reflections On
Meta-Geographical Frameworks In World Geography
Hakhee Kim (London)

Symposium Session:
Best Practice
Placing Sustainable Development In The Curriculum Of A Cultural Geography
Course In The United States
Waverly Ray (Oceanside)

Education On Landscape: Theoretical And Practical Approaches In The Frame Of
The European Landscape Convention
Benedetta Castiglioni (Padova)

An Action Research Framework For Enhancing Partnership Between Rural Schools
And Communities In Local Sustainable Development: A Case Study In Taiwan
Kuang-Chung Lee (Hualien)

Symposium Session:
People, Place, Values and Meaningful Learning
Geographical Education For Sustainable Development By Living Learning
With Theme-Centered Interaction (TCI)
Stefan Padberg (Cologne)

Teaching For Understanding: Designing Curriculum For Instruction Using The
Understanding By Design Framework For Geography Teachers′ Pre-Service
Ivy Geok Chin Tan (Singapore), Lay Cheng Lian (Singapore)

Sustainable Urban Development Concepts In Political Programs For The Town
Hall Presidency In Lisbon
Manuela Malheiro Ferreira (Lisbon)

Symposium Session:
Technology and ESD
Geographical Information Systems In Education For Sustainable Development:
A French Case In Environmental Issues
Ilta-Kanerva Kankaanrinta (Helsinki), Danielle Lavollée (La Ville du Bois)

Possibilities To Utilize GIS In ESD – From A Research On GIS For Secondary
School Teachers In Japan
Minori Yuda (Kanazawa), Satoru Itoh (Kanazawa)

Learning Sustainable Development With Mobile Devices
Che-Ming Chen (Taipei), Tzu-Yen Hsu (Taipei)

The Importance Of Multimedia Datashow Projector Usage (Computer-Assisted
Presentation) In Geography Teaching
Ali Özel (Kütahya)

Symposium Session:
Attitudes and Preconceptions
Sustainable Development And Geography Curriculum Of 2005 In Turkey:
How Geography Student Teachers Conceptualizes Sustainable Development
Salih Sahin (Ankara), Nurcan Demrialp (Ankara), Servet Karabag (Ankara)

Sustainable Development In Opinions Of Primary Student Teachers And In
Pre-Service Teacher Education In Turkey
Secil Alkis (Bursa), Mustafa Ozturk (Kayseri)

Subjective Theories as a Basis of Professional Development: How Far is ESD
Christiane Meyer (Trier)

″Island Pictures″ And ″Situation Representations″ – Children′s Everyday
Perceptions As A Challenge For Teaching Primary Geography In The 21st
Daniela Schmeinck (Karlsruhe)

Symposium Session: Intercultural Dialogue on Educational
Approaches to Sustainability (IDEAS) – Project Report
Intercultural Dialogue On Educational Approaches To Sustainability
(IDEAS) – Introduction
Dieter L. Boehn (Wuerzburg)

Education For Sustainable Development: Water
Berta Hamann (Wuerzburg)

The Status Of Education For Sustainable Development In The Schools:
United States And South Korea
Jongwon Lee (Seoul), Robert S. Bednarz (Texas), Sarah Witham Bednarz (Texas)

Education For Sustainable Development: Watersheds As Critical Environmental
James F. Petersen (San Marcos)

Education For Sustainable Development In China
Wang Min (Beijing), Wei Dongying (Beijing)

Symposium Session:
Sustainable Behavior
The Importance Of Conveying To Would-Be Teachers. A Critical Method For
The Analysis Of Environmental Issues
Gianfranco Battisti (Trieste)

Spaces, Cultures And Young People:
Cultural Sustainability In Geography Education
Sirpa Tani (Helsinki)

Complexities Of Environmental Education And The Role Of Teaching
Geography About Sustainable Development Of Japan
Yoshiyasu Ida (Tsukuba), Saori Miyazaki (Tsukuba)

Why Man Does Not Behave In An Environmentally Responsible Way
And What Geography Education Could Do To Change This
Helmuth Köck (Landau)

Symposium Session:
ESD in Curriculum and Teacher Training
ESD In Russia In The Transition To The Post-Industrial Society
Vladimir A. Gorbanyov (Moscow)

Implementation Of The Concept Of Education For Sustainable Development
Within The Professional Retraining System
Irina I. Barinova (Moscow), Nina I. Yakovleva (Moscow)

Sustainability, Curriculum Development And Kaupapa Maori
Lex Chalmers (Hamilton)

Education For Life Through Problem-Based Learning: Re-Designing The
Geography Curriculum For Sustainable Development – A Case Study Of A
Secondary School In Singapore
Alice Poh (Singapore)

A Glance On The Current Trends In Education For Sustainable Development
In Myanmar
Hla Hla Win (Yangon)


Lucerne Declaration

On Education For Sustainable Development
Hartwig Haubrich (Freiburg), Sibylle Reinfried (Lucerne), Yvonne Schleicher (Weingarten)
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