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Information, communication and education on climate change.
European perspectives.
Frankfurt/ a. M. [u.a.]
It is now beyond any doubt that climate change represents a major threat to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the planet. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol are examples of what is being done. A further means to work towards a reduction in greenhouse emissions is by raising awareness on the causes and consequences of climate change. The authors attempt to contribute to the global debate by outlining some educational methods, approaches and projects which have been focusing on climate issues in Europe. The examples illustrate that education, communication and training can play a key role in supporting efforts toward addressing climate change. This book is prepared as part of the INTERREG IIIB (Baltic Sea) Project «ASTRA» (Developing Policies and Adaptations Strategies to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region), a project involving Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and is also a further means of support to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, linking awareness, education and communication on climate change, one of the major challenges of modern times.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Jill Cook/Doogie Black/Angela Bentham/Tania Stadsbader/Jorn Peters/Lesley van Dijk/Mark Goldthorpe/Tim Yair/Fran Wallington/Meinte de Hoogh/Michael Belau: ESPACE - A New Transnational Approach to Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change

Philipp Schmidt-Thomé/ Johannes Klein: Communicating Climate Change Impacts – an Approach Derived from two Regional Development Projects

Hans von Storch/Anders Omstedt/Hans-Jörg Isemer: Baltex Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin (BACC)

Philip Gray/Shane Conway: Promoting Climate Friendly Communities in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Remigijus Ciegis/Dalia Streimikiene/Dalia Gineitiene: Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainability: Educational Issues

Simo Haanpää/Lasse Peltonen: Case Study Research as Bridge Builder between Science and the Society - The Rationale behind the ASTRA 2005 Winter Storm Study

Eugenia Aloj/Mariagrazia De Castro/Anna Zollo: Educational Actions in Italy to face the Problem of Climate Change

Evangelos I. Manolas: Teaching Global Climate Change as a Controversial Issue – Active Learning in Higher Education

Gerald Schernewski/Steffen Bock/Holger Janßen/Nardine Löser/Annemone Hmielorz: Regional Climate Change and Coasts – A Case Study on Perception, Information, Dissemination and Education

Birte Frommer/Lena Herlitzius: KLARA-Net: An Interdisciplinary Action Oriented Approach on Climate Change Adaptation

F.M. Chambers/J.R.G. Daniell/Sally A. Brain: Climate Change, Featuring the ACCROTELM Project: Dissemination of a European RTD Project by Film and DVD

Arunas Bukantis/Linas Kliucininkas/Egidijus Rimkus/Elena Talockaite: Raising Awareness of Climate Change: Experience in Lithuania

Walter Leal Filho/Franziska Mannke: Linking Sustainability, Education, Communication and Climate Change – Some International Approaches and Good Practice.