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Place-based education in the global age.
Local diversity.
New York
This volume - a landmark contribution to the burgeoning theory and practice of place-based education - enriches the field in three ways: First, it frames place-based pedagogy not just as an alternative teaching methodology or novel approach to environmental education but as part of a broader social movement known as the "new localism," which aims toward reclaiming the significance of the local in the global age. Second, it links the development of ecological awareness and stewardship to concerns about equity and cultural diversity. Third, it presents examples of place-based education in action. The relationship between the new localism and place-based education is clarified, and the process of making connections between learners and their wider communities is demonstrated. The book is organized around three themes: Reclaiming Broader Meanings of Education; Models for Place-Based Learning; and, Global Visions of the Local in Higher Education. This is a powerfully relevant volume for researchers, teacher educators, and students across the fields of curriculum theory, educational foundations, critical pedagogy, multicultural education, and environmental education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Preface p. vii
Contributor List p. xi
Introduction: Making Room for the Local p. xiii
Models for Place-Based Learning
Place-Based Curricular and Pedagogical Models: My Adventures in Teaching Through
Community Contexts
The Fringe of Nirvana: Aesthetic Places and the Art Classroom
Star: Service to All Relations
Youth as Resources in Revitalizing Communities
Environmental Justice in Egleston Square
Creating a Place for Indigenous Knowledge in Education: The Alaska Native Knowledge
Reclaiming Broader Meanings of Education
Place-Based Education: Grounding Culturally Responsive Teaching in Geographical
No Child Left Inside: Nature Study as a Radical Act
Overlooked Opportunity: Students, Educators, and Education Advocates Contributing
to Community and Economic Development
Place: Where Diversity and Community Can Converge
Global Visions of the Local in Higher Education
Place in Leadership Formation: The Institute for Educational and Community
Leadership (IECL)
Multiculturalism, Conflict, and Struggle: Place as Meeting Ground in Israeli
Learning Country: A Case Study of Australian Place-Responsive Education
Place-Based Teacher Education
Afterword: Creating a Movement to Ground Learning in Place
Author Index p.