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Researching education and the environment.
Retrospect and prospect.
London [u.a.]
Inhaltsverzeichnis :


Researching education and the enviroment: an introduction
Alan Reid and William Scott

Theme 1: Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development: tension or transition?

1 Environment and education: a view of a changing scene
(First published in Volume 1, Number 1)
John Smyth

2 Education for sustainability as a frame of mind
(First published in Volume 8, Number 1)
Michael Bonnett

3 Tensions and trasitions in policy discourse: recontextualizing a decontextualized EE/ESD debate
Robert B. Stevenson

4 Enviromental education: a field in tension or in transition?
Edgar Javier González-Gaudiano

Theme 2: Locating the environmental in environmetal education research

5 Nature`s nature: ideas of nature in carricula for enviroment education
(First published in Volume 2, Number 2)
Henry St. Maurice

6 Woman and nature: using memory-work to rethink our relationship to the natural world
(First published in Volume 7, Number 4)
Judith S. Kaufmann, Margaret S. Ewing, Adrienne E. Hyle, Diane Montgomery and Patricia A. Self

7 Language and meaning in environmental education research: an overview
(First published in Volume 7, Number 2)
Andrew Stables

8 Locating the environmental in environmental education research:
what research- and why?
Stephen Gough

9 Locating the environmental in environmental education research:
a review of research on nature`s nature, its inscription in language and recent memory work on relating to the natural world
Rob O`Donoghue

Theme 3: Doing environmental education research

10 Research methods to investigate significant life experiences:
review and recommendations
(First published in Volume 4, Number 4)
Louise Chawala

11 Environmental education researchers as environmental activists
(First published in Volume 5, Number 2)
Karen Malone

12 Doing research in environmental education: touchstone theory and shaking things up
Kim Walker

13 Working across and with methodological difference in environmental education research
Constance L. Russell

Theme 4: Environmental learning as process and outcome

14 Students as catalysts of environmental change: a framework for researching intergenerational influence through environmental education
(First published in Volume 4, Number 3)
Roy Ballantyne, Sharon Connell and John Fien

15 The effects of environment-based education on students` critical thinking
skills and disposition towards critical thinking
(First published in Volume 10, Number 4)
Julie (Athman) Ernst and Martha Monroe

16 Reserching and unterstanding learning:
hopes for the next ten years
Mark Rickinson

17 Environmental learning: reflections on practice, research and theory
Ronald B. Meyers

Theme 5: Environmental education for ...
18 The action compence approach in environmental education
(First published in Volume 3, Number 2)
Bjarne Brunn Jensen and Karsten Schnack

19 The technics of environmental education
(First published in Volume 9, Number 4)
Phillip Payne

20 Education for the environment: action competence, becoming, and story
M. J. Barrett

21 Action, experience, behaviour and technology: why it`s just not the same
Julian Agyeman

Theme 6: Developing environmental education research
22 Empirical-analytical methodological research in environment education:
response to a negative trend in methodological and ideological discussions
(First published in Volume 3, Number 2)
Sharon Connell

23 Requisite variety: the problem with generic guidelines for diverse genres of inquiry
(First published in Volume 6, Number 1)
Paul Hart

24 On the danger of blurring methods, methodological and ideologies in environmental education research
Glenda Raven

25 Methodological reflexivity: towards evolving methodological framewords through critical and reflexive deliberations
Glenda Raven

26 Researching education and the environment: retrospect and prospect
Alan Reid and William Scott

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