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In the Global Classroom 2.


These two books represent a major compendium of global education activities covering all curriculum areas and grade levels.

The theme of the first book is personal and world awareness, that of the second peace and social justice. Both books are strongly practical in nature, providing the teacher with unlimited opportunities to use the activities with maximum success at different grade levels and in different curriculum areas, and in ways which will guarantee really inspiring learning.

Providing an impressively diverse range of activities, the books are organized thematically to coincide with popular topics in social studies, language teaching, science, health, environmental education and other curricula areas. In addition, the books are ideally tailored to serve as rich resources for pre-and in-service training.

Amply illustrated throughout, each book begins with an invaluable introduction to global education, and every chapter includes case studies and abundant photocopiable activities,with a matrix linking the concepts and ideas in one chapter to those in other chapters.

A review of the tables of contents of the books reveals the stimulating variety of topics covered: Environment and Sustainability, Health, Perceptions, Perspectives and Cross-cultural Encounters, Technology, Futures, Peace, Rights and Responsibilities, Equity, Economics, Development, Global Justice, Citizenship, and Mass Media.

Illustrations, photographs, easy-to-use indexes and straightforward guidance on how to implement the activities to ensure maximum success and how to relate them to program outcomes, as well as ideas and suggestions for follow up reading, make In the Global Classroom 1 and 2 indispensable, accessible and highly readable practical resource books for today's busy teacher.

Audience: Teachers of all grades interested in stimulating their students with fresh thinking and new approaches to learning.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Table of Contents


Introduction Weaving threads: Learning in the global classroom

Chapter 1 A friendly classroom for a small planet

Chapter 2 Peace

Chapter 3 Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 4 Equity

Chapter 5 Economics, Development, and Global Justice

Chapter 6 Citizenship

Chapter 7 Mass Media

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