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Global Education Guidelines.
A Handbook for Educator to understand and implement global Education. Concepts and Methodologies on Global Education for Educators and Policy Makers.
Foreword & Acknowledge ments
This document should be regarded as a guide for understanding and practising global education, also as a pedagogical coaching tool to help establish global education approaches where they do not yet exist and enrich existing ones. Its content was set up taking into account in-field practices and references and cultural, geographic, social and economic realities. It has been written on the premise that educational processes in formal and non-formal settings should open the path to a better understanding of an increasingly globalised world. It also raises important issues about the professional responsibilities of educators and teachers and the role of schools and different organisations and institutions in raising global awareness and knowledge on worldwide issues across the curriculum and in non-formal projects and activities. The authors wish to express their satisfaction with the participatory process leading to the writing of these guidelines and the opportunity to discuss and contribute to the development of Global Education, as the Global Education Guidelines reflect the perspectives of many different stakeholders. It was both challenging and enriching to incorporate different and sometimes opposing views and opinions into the document. Thanks to all of those who have contributed in one way or another to make this document a reality, namely the members of the Global Education Week network and partners who have kindly accepted to act as critical friends.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Foreword & Acknowledgements
Chapter A - What is Global Education?
Definitions and Declarations
Global Education as Transformative Learning Process
Chapter B - Why Global Education?
Our world today: a globalised world
Learning for our Global Society
Chapter C - Concepts
Knowledge – suggested content areas
Values and Attitudes
Chapter D - Methodology
Fundamentals for global education methodology
Methodological approach in Global Education
Methods for practicing global education
Criteria for planning and evaluating global education actions
Criteria for selecting and evaluating resources
Criteria for curriculum design for formal and non-formal settings
Chapter E - Bibliography & Resources
Global Education Learning resources
Council of Europe educational resources
Appendix 1 – Maastricht Global Education Declaration
Appendix 1I – Global Education Charter
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