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The worldwide norm of lifelong learning.
A study of global policy development.
Diss, Uni. Bielefeld / Fachbereich Soziologie
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Table of Contents:

Abbreviations and Acronyms
Preface and Acknowledgements

Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: The Rise of Lifelong Learning
- Introductory Remarks on Lifelong Learning
- Empirical Puzzle and Reasons for Case Selection
- Review of other Studies and Initial Suggestions
- The Study's Design and Structure

Part II: Theory and Methodology
Chapter 2: A Model of Global Policy Development
- World Society and World Culture
World Society: Worldwide Acting Entities
World Culture: The Spread of Social Models
Central Processes
- Selecting and Processing Policy Issues
- A Diffusion Process
- Conclusions: A Heuristic Model to explain a Large-n Policy Development

Chapter 3: Proceeding of the Inquiry
- Central Suggestions
Theoretical Anchor: Lifelong Learning as a Norm
Empirical Anchor: Lifelong Learning and State Intervention 32
- Data Sources
Data Acquisition form Policy Reports
Data Acquisition from Interviews
Data Acquisition from other Sources
- Central Elements
Assessment of Diffusion Agents
Assessment of National Education Policies
Assessment of the Linkage between both Levels
Assessment of Conditions for the Current Spread

Part III: The Global Diffusion of Lifelong Learning - A Large-n Policy Development
Chapter 4: Agents and Channels of Lifelong Learning Diffusion
- Global International Organisations
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
World Bank
International Labour Organization
- Regional Units
European Union
Asia-Europe Meeting
- Transnational Agents
Non-Governmental Organisations
- Conclusions: Actors and Interactions

Chapter 5: National Education Policies and Lifelong Learning
- Lifelong Learning in Education Policy making world-wide
The Idea of Lifelong Learning
Reforms concerning Pre-Primary Education
Reforms concerning Adult Education
Reforms concerning Higher Education
- Case Studies: National Lifelong Learning Implementation
United Kingdom
- Conclusions: A wide-ranging Idea and less Consequences

Chapter 6: Causes of Lifelong Learning's Spread
- Description of possible Causes
Organisational Linkage
Regional Diffusion
Economic Pre-Conditions
- Modelling the Diffusion
Assessing the Impact of Isolated Variables
Internationa] Organisations and the Idea of Lifelong Learning
International Organisations and Lifelong Learning Reforms
- Conclusions: The OECD as a Central Factor

Chapter 7: Conditions for Lifelong Learning's Prominence
- Politics: The Growing Influence of International Organisations
The Emerging Phenomenon of Global Governance
International Levels of Education Policy Making
- Problem: The Knowledge Society
The Functionalistic Rationale of the Knowledge Society
The Phenomenological Role of the Knowledge Society
- Policy: The Economic Importance of Lifelong Learning
Increased Economic Importance of Education
New Social Policy Arrangements
- Conclusions: A Window of Opportunity in the 1990s

Part IV: Concluding Remarks and Further Perspectives
Chapter 8: Studying Lifelong Learning Diffusion: Conclusions
- Resume
- Contribution of the Study
- Perspectives
- Open Questions and Areas of Further Research


- Annex 1 : The Spread of Compulsory Education
- Annex 2: Country Reports Analysed
- Annex 3: Countries with the Idea of Lifelong Learning
- Annex 4: Definition of Independent Variables
- Annex 5: Further Information on the different IGOs
- Annex 6: World Bank Policy Proposals
- Annex 7: Participation in Lifelong Learning
- Annex 8: Chinese Adult Education Programmes
- Annex 9: Additional Tables of Chapter 6