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Learning in the global era.
International perspectives on globalization and education.
Berkeley [u.a.]


An international gathering of leading scholars, policymakers, and educators takes on some of the most difficult and controversial issues of our time in this groundbreaking exploration of how globalization is affecting education around the world. The contributors, drawing from innovative research in both the social sciences and the neurosciences, examine the challenges and opportunities now facing schools as a result of massive migration flows, new economic realities, new technologies, and the growing cultural diversity of the world's major cities.Writing for a wide audience, they address such questions as: How do we educate all youth to develop the skills and sensibilities necessary to thrive in globally linked, technologically interconnected economies? What can schools do to meet the urgent need to educate growing numbers of migrant youth at risk of failure in societies already divided by inequality? What are the limits of cultural tolerance as tensions over gender, religion, and race threaten social cohesion in schools and neighborhoods alike? Bringing together scholars with deep experience in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, this work, grounded in rich examples from everyday life, is highly relevant not only to scholars and policymakers but also to all stakeholders responsible for the day-to-day workings of schools in cities across the globe.
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Table of Contents

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Introduction: Learning in the Global Era by Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco and Carolyn Sattin

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning and Understanding in the Global Era

1 From Teaching Globalization to Nurturing Global Consciousness by Veronica Boix Mansilla and Howard Gardner

2 Understanding Cultural Patterns by Peter Gärdenfors

3 Mind, Brain, and Education in the Era of Globalization by Tami Katzir, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, and Kurt W. Fischer

4 Social Conduct, Neurobiology, and Education by Hanna Damasio and Antonio Damasio

Learning and the Functions of Education in a Changing Global Economy

5 The Global Spread of Women's Schooling: Effects on Learning, Literacy, Health, and Children by Robert A. LeVine

6 Globalization and Education: Can the World Meet the Challenge? By Bernard Hugonnier

7 How Computerized Work and Globalization Shape Human Skill Demands by Frank Levy and Richard J. Murnane

8 The Postindustrial Workplace and Challenges to Education by Kai-ming Cheng

Learning, Immigration, and Integration

9 On the Need for Teaching Intercultural Skills: Challenges for Education in a Globalizing World by Rita Sussmuth

10 The Integration of Immigrant Youth by Maurice Crul

11 The Education of Immigrant Students in a Globalized World: Policy Debates in Comparative Perspective by Marie McAndrew

12 First-Language and -Culture Learning in Light of Globalization: The Case of Muslims in Flanders and in the Brussels Area, Belgium by Eugeen Roosens

13 Rethinking Honor in Regard to Human Rights: An Educational Imperative in Troubled Times by Unni Wikan

Global Inequality
Explanation of Terms
Notes on Contributors