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Global neoliberalism and education and its consequences.
New York [u.a.]


In this groundbreaking critique of neoliberalism in schooling and education, an international cast of education policy analysts, educational activists and scholars deftly analyze the ideologies underlying the global, national and local neoliberalisation of schooling and education. The thrilling scholarship that makes up Global Neoliberalism and Education and its Consequences exposes the machinations, agenda and impacts of the privatising and 'merchandisation' of education by the World Bank, the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), biased think tanks, global and national corporations and capital, and the full political spectrum of Neoliberal governments. Including such topics as the increasing polarization of racialized and gendered social classes as a consequence of neoliberal policies, the role and shape of markets and education in the era of globalised Capitalism, the effects of the profit motive in higher education, the impact of the Heritage Foundation in the USA, and even a critical evaluation of education in Cuba-readers are sure to find startling insight and provocative arguments throughout Global Neoliberalism and Education and its Consequences.



In this major critique of neoliberalism in schooling and education, the contributors to this volume identify the types, levers, extents and impacts of neoliberal policies globally on education workers rights, conditions and lives; on social class, race and gender and other forms of equity, social justice and access; and on democracy, democratic control and critical thinking in education.  This truly groundbreaking book exposes the machinations, agenda and impacts of the merchandisation of education by the World Bank, the GATS, (General Agreement on Trade in Services), Conservative Think-Tanks, Global and National Corporations/ Capital, and Neoliberal (whether conservative or revised social democratic) Governments.
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Table of Contents:

Foreword Nick Grant


1. Introduction: Neoliberal Capitalism and Education
Ravi Kumar and Dave Hill
2. Neoliberalism and its Impacts
Dave Hill
3. Neoliberalism, Youth, and the Leasing of Higher Education
Henry Giroux
4. Higher Education and the Profit Incentive
Tristan McCowan
5. Trading away Human Rights? The GATS and the Right to Education: A Legal Perspective
Pierrik Devidal
6. Education, Inequality and Neoliberal Capitalism: A Classical Marxist Analysis
Dave Hill, Nigel Greaves and Alpesh Maisuria
7. Brazilian Education, Dependent Capitalism and the World Bank
Roberto Leher
8. World Bank Discourse and Policy on Cultural Diversity and Education in Latin America
Carlos O. Mora-Ninci and Eduardo Domenech
9. The News Media and the Conservative Heritage Foundation: Promoting Education Advocacy at the Expense of Authority
Eric Haas
10. Markets and Education in the Era of Globalized Capitalism
Nico Hirtt
11. Education in Cuba: Socialism and the Encroachment of Capitalism
Curry Malott