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Quality and internationalisation in higher education.
For many universities and other higher education providers, internationalisation is becoming an integral aspect of their teaching, research and public service roles. And institutions are increasingly operating in a global market in which quality assurance and assessment are particularly important and sensitive issues.This book discusses some of the challenges of ensuring quality in internationalisation, and provides a framework to assist institutions in designing and reviewing their own strategies and policies. Analysis of the evolving policy environment is contributed by internationally recognised experts; and case studies from Australia, Finland, Kenya, Mexico, Poland and the United States are included.
The book also presents the Internationalisation Quality Review Process (IQRP), a unique practical tool for institutional leaders and managers who wish to develop the international dimension of their programmes and services. (DIPF/orig.).
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Table of Contents

Part I . Internationalisation and Quality Assurance: Concepts

1. Internationalisation of Higher Education
by Jane Knight
Meaning and definition
Rationale and motivation for internationalisation
Strategies for integrating the international dimension
2. Quality and Quality Assurance
by David Woodhouse
The increasing preoccupation with quality
Approaches to quality
Trends and issues
Effect and impact of quality assurance activities
3. An Introduction to the IQRP Project and Process
by Jane Knight and Hans de Wit
Description of the IQRP pilot project
The IQRP framework
The case studies

Part II . The Internationalisation Quality Review Process: Overview and Case Studies

4. Planning for the IQRP – The National University of Mexico
by Salvador Malo, Rosamaria Valle and Karin Wriedt
Mexico′s higher education system
The National University of Mexico
International activities at UNAM
The IQRP at the National University of Mexico
Stage 1: preparation of the self-assessment
Stage 2: the self-assessment exercise
Stage 3: the peer review
5. The Importance of the Self-assessment Exercise – Bentley College, United States by Jerome Bookin-Weiner
The college and its international mission
The need for self-assessment
The peer review
Impact of IQRP
Annex: The 1996 Bentley College Self-assessment Report (abridged version)
6. Using the IQRP in a Comprehensive University – University of Helsinki, Finland by Paul Fogelberg
The setting
National context
International context
Institutional profile
The university′s mission
The history of internationalisation at the University of Helsinki
The self-assessment process
The peer review
The most important PRT suggestions and their impact
European and global co-operation
Internationalisation of curriculum
Marketing strategies
Organisational issues
Final remarks
Annex: The 1996 University of Helsinki Peer Review Report (abridged version)
7. Integrating the IQRP in the Strategic Plan – Monash University, Australia by Grant McBurnie
The university setting
Implementation of the IQRP
The IQRP and institutional planning: the Monash Plan
Quality assurance in transnational education: GATE certification of Monash University
The Monash Global Programme
Conclusion: what is the impact of IQRP
8. IQRP as a First Step – Moi University, Kenya by Joseph Koech and Peter Opakas
The university
Nature and extent of the international dimension
The Seminar on Internationalisation of Higher Education
Concluding remarks
9. The International Dimension under Review – Warsaw School of Economics, Poland by Marian Geldner and Bernd Wächter
Context: higher education in Poland
The institution
Nature and extent of international orientation
The self-assessment analysis and report
The peer review visit and report
Conclusions on the case and its impact

Part III . Quality Review: Approaches and Issues

10. Reflections on Using IQRP
by Jane Knight and Hans de Wit
Application of IQRP in different contexts
Practical issues in using IQRP
Conceptual issues in using IQRP
IQRP guidelines and self-assessment outline
11. Quality Assurance Instruments and their Relationship to IQRP by Jane Knight in co-operation with Tony Adams and Marjorie Peace Lenn
Codes of practice
The Globalisation for Transnational Education (GATE) certification process
The ISO set of standards
12. Quality Assurance of Internationalisation and Internationalisation of Quality Assurance by Marijk van der Wende
Quality and internationalisation: a problematic definition
Quality assurance and internationalisation: approaches and models
Internationalisation of quality assurance
Quality assurance of internationalisation
The influence of internationalisation on the relationship between higher education
and the nation state and on the functions of quality assurance systems
Guidelines for the Internationalisation Quality Review Process (IQRP) for Institutions of Higher Education
About the Authors
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