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Communicating global change science to society : an assessment and case studies.
A project of SCOPE, the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, of the International Council for Science.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Figures, Tables, and Boxes
Foreword by Margaret S. Leinen and Paul E. Filmer

1. Why This Book? An Introduction and Synthesis - Holm Tiessen

Part I: Crosscutting Issues
2. Steering Research toward Policy Relevance (Mark D. Stauffer, Walter E. Baethgen, Ricardo L. Berbara, Ernesto Caetano, Alejandro Castellanos, Barbara Göbel, Michael E. McClain , Romulo S. C. Menezes, and Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa

3. Stakeholders and Global Environmental Change Science (Mike Brklacich, I. Foster Brown. Edmo J. D. Campos, Alex Krusche, Allan Lavell, Kam-biu Liu, Juan J. Jimenez-Osornio, Susanne Reyes-Knoche, and Charles Wood 4. Delivering Global Environmental Change Science to the Policy Process (lohn Ingram, lohn Stone, Ulisses Confalonieri, Theresa Garvin, Peter R. Jutro, Carlos A. Klink, Brian H. Luckman, Elke Noellemeyer, and Peter M. de Toledo

5. Communicating Science to the Media, Decision Makers, and the Public (Theo Beckers, Maureen Woodrow, Paul E. Filmer, Sonia M. F. Gianesella, Laura Gallardo Klenner, Carlos A. Klink, Jean-Fran<;ois Tourrand, and Peter Weingart viii I Contents Part 11: Background Chapters
6. Communicating Science in Democratic Media Societies (Peter Weingart)
7. Institutions as Initiators and Users of Science (Peter R. Jutro)
8. Vulnerabilities of Societies under Global Environmental Change (GEC) Mike Brklacich, May Chazan, and Andrew Dawe

9. What Social and Natural Sciences Could Leam from Each Other: The Challenge of Interdisciplinarity (Barbara Göbel)

10 Legal Frameworks and Biodiversity: The Impact of Ownership and Control of Biodiversity on Science (Susanne Reyes-Knoche)

Part 111: Examples of the Science-Policy Interface
11. Integrating Environmental and Social Agendas:The Experience of the Amazonian Networks LBA and GEOMA (Peter M. de Toledo; Ima C. G. Vieira, Gilberto Camara,and Carlos A. Nobre)

12. Assessment ofPresent, Past, and Future Climate Variability in the Americas from Treeline Environments (Brian H. Luckman

13. Climate Variability and Its Impacts in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

14. Stakeholders and Decision Makers in a Study of Global Changes in the South Atlantic (Edmo J. D. Campos and Alberto R. Piola)
15. Climate Variability and Climate Changes in the Southem Co ne (Mario N. Nunez
Contents I IX
16. Land Use Change in Semiarid Americas: Biogeochemistry, Societal Impact, and Policies (Romulo S. C. Menezes, Elke Noellemeyer, Ignacio H. Salcedo,Juan J. Jimenez-Osornio, and Holm Tiessen)

17. Cattle Ranching, Land Use, and Deforestation in Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru (Charles H. Wood and Jean-Fran<;ois Tourrand)

18. Global Change Effects on the Vegetation ofTropical High Mountains and Savannas (Carlos A. Klink, Juan F. Silva, Aura Az6car, Juan Gonzalez, and Ricardo Herrera-Peraza)

19. Linking Global Change Research to Improved Policies and Management for Amazonian Rivers (Michael E. McClain, Remigio Galarraga-Sanchez, Carlos A. Llerena, and Jose Efrain Ruiz)

20. Mediated Modeling for Integrating Science and Stakeholders: Impacts ofEnhanced Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Ecosystem Services (Marjan van den Belt, Robert Costanza, Serge Demers, Susana Diaz, Gustavo A. Ferreyra, Sonia M. F. Gianesella, Evamaria W. Koch, Fernando R. Momo, and Maria Vernet)

21. ENSO and Risk Management: Natural and Social Sciences, Policy Implications, and Stakeholder Participation (
Allan Lavell)

22. Diagnostics and Prediction of Climate Variation and Human Health Impacts (Ulisses Confalonieri