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Democracy at the crossroads.
International perspectives on critical global citizenship education.
Lanham [u.a.]

In Democracy at the Crossroads, the editors argue that there have been too few scholarly attempts to provide a comprehensive critique of the assumptions behind citizenship education. In particular, they ask the distinguished contributors to this volume to address difficult but essential questions that are often avoided or intentionally overlooked: What do all-embracing terms like 'global citizenship' really mean? What does democracy mean internationally? A timely work, Democracy at the Crossroads provides a necessary examination and re-interpretation of international perspectives on democracy and global citizenship as they apply to social education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
1 Preface
2 Part I: Tensions
3 Democracy at the Crossroads?
4 Neoliberalism, Democracy, and Education for Citizenship in New Zealand
5 Freedom or French Fries: Packaged Democracy for World Consumption
6 Towards a Model of Citizenship Education: Coping with Differences in Definition
7 Critical Democratic Education for Social Efficacy
8 Entwined Ideals: Connecting Democracy to Peace
9 Part II: Unpacking Approaches
10 Developing a Global Dimension in Dutch Education
11 The Social Construction of a Curriculum for Citizenship Education in the United Kingdom
12 Reexamining Competing Views of Citizenship Education and Their Influence On Social Studies
13 Developing Global Citizens: The Rhetoric and the Reality in the New Zealand Curriculum
14 Citizenship Education and the Crick Report in England and Wales
15 Part III: National Exemplars
16 Suffering from Enthusiasts? Some Relevant National Case Studies for Global Citizenship Advocates
17 Perceptions of Citizenship in Australia
18 Whose Civics, Whose Citizen: Reconceptualizing U.S. Democracy In the Post Industrial Era
19 Locating Democracy: Meanings and Intersections in the Czech Republic
20 Part IV: School-Based Studies
21 Dealing with Discourses: U.S. Teaching about the Pacific War and Shifting Locations of "American" Identities
22 Jefferson County Open School: Voices of Global Citizenship