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Learning to live together: have we failed?
A summary of the ideas and contributions arising from the forty-sixth session of UNESCO's International Conference on Education. Geneva, 5-8 September 2001.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :



Introduction: Education for all for learning to live together in the twenty-first century: need, hypocrisy or utopia?
- The paradoxes of globalization and the challenges of education for living together
- Gains and losses in education for living together
- Intensify dialogue and refurbish approaches to improve quality

Chapter 1: Responding to educational needs
- The changing vision of Education for All (EFA)
- Learning to live together - the keystone of education for the twenty-first century
- New educational needs, new challenges for education
- An essential item on the reform agenda

Chapter 2: Towards a shared vision of education for living together

Chapter 3: Contents and strategies for learning to live together
- Citizenship education: learning at school and in society
- Education for social cohesion: combating exclusion and violence
- Education and cultural diversity
- Language(s) strategies for understanding and communication
- Science learning: basic knowledge, inter-disciplinarity and ethical problems
- Education, ICTs and the digital divide
- Renovating curricula, textbooks and methods for learning to live together
- Remodeling curricula
- Flexibility, decentralization and evaluation
- Education: a service not like any others
- Global quality
- The impact of curricular change and informal learning

Chapter 4: Some external conditions for teaching learning to live together
- Valuing, training and mobilizing teachers and trainers
- Partnerships with civil society
- Policy dialogue
- Humanizing globalization

Chapter 5: Agreement on the guidelines for learning to live together
- Conclusions and Proposals for Action arising from the forty-sixth session of the International Conference on Education

Postface: 'Learning to live together': have we failed?
- The challenge of conceiving educational policies for quality education
- Policies for promoting quality education in the light of new tensions in the field of education
- The importance of research and policy dialogue to prepare policies for promoting quality education

Annex 1: Composition of the Bureau of the forty-sixth session of the ICE

Annex 2: Participants in the two Major Debates and the six wonhops
- Major debate I
- Major debate II
- Workshop 1
- Workshop 2
- Workshop 3
- Workshop 4
- Workshop 5
- Workshop 6

- Bibliographic references