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American studies and peace.
Proceedings of the 25th AAAS Conference Nov. 5-7, 1999, Salzburg, Schloss Leopoldskron.
Frankfurt/ a. M.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Dorothea Steiner: Introduction: American Studies and Peace: New Challenges for an Old Agenda


Werner Sollors: 'Eager to acquire disks'? American Studies in War and Peace

David Plotke: Peace, Sovereignty, and Democracy after the Cold War

Walter Grünzweig: Seeing the World as Others See It: J. William Fulbright, International Exchange, and the Quest for Peace

European Panel: Arno Heller: Introduction

Hans Bak: European American Studies und U. S. Practice of Human Rights

Tibor Frank: The Responsibility of American Studies in East Central Europe

Anne Koenen: Re-Education for Peace

Intercontinental Panel: Heinz Ickstadt: Introduction

Emily Budick: International American Studies at the Millenium: Israel on the Brink of Peace

Bruce Daniels: The Politics and Sociology of American Studies Abroad

Edward M. Griffin: Playing Rough in the ASA: The U. S. National Association, Its Presidential Pronouncements, and the Proposed Paradigm Shift

Lesley Marx: Bringing It All Back Home: The USA and the RSA

Workshop 1: Language and Peace:

Bernhard Kettemann: Introduction

Udo J. Hebel: Advocating a 'Peaceable Condition': On Rhetorics of Peace and Order in Seventeenth-Century New England

Timothy K. Conley: Pacifying Speech: Franklin and the Eighteenth-Century Discipline of Conversation

Paul Crumbley: The 'Art of Peace': Emily Dickinson and the Democratic Book

Lindon Barrett: At Peace, Rhetorically Speaking: Rhetoric in Black, White, and Female

Workshop 2: American Values and the Paradoxe of Peace:

Reinhold Wagnleitner: Introduction

John Gruesser: 'Sivil' Disobedience: America's Greatest Contribution to World Peace

William Tate: War & Peace: Millennial Notes on Walt Whitman and the United States Marine Corps

Louis Kern: Electronic Tribal Consciousness and the 'Seamless Web of Experience': American Media Culture and the 'Global Village'

Avital H. Bloch: Peace Activism and the Paradox of Gender Values: Joan Baez and Vietnam

Workshop 3: Gender and Peace: Sabine Sielke: Introduction

Sabine Sielke: 'Make Love Not War'; or: The Gender of Peace

Amaia Ibarraran Bigalondo: Images of War in Chicano Literature

Monika Seidl: 'Bringing the War Home': America at War in Mainstream Cinema and Presidential Radio Addresses

Workshop 4: Teaching Peace in/ through American Studies?:

Georg Engel: Introduction

Sonja Kröll: Teaching Whiteness and Blackness in Context: A Dialogic Reading of Willa Cather and Jessie Redmon Fauset

Astrid M. Fellner: 'Loving in the War Years': Teaching Peace trough Lesbian Texts

Paul Lauter: American Studies and Peace Studies

J. Terry Rolfe: Globalization, Free Trade, and the Post-World War II Environment: A Challenge for the (North) American Studies Teacher

A Review of Authors in Conversation: Adi Wimmer: Conditional Reconciliation: Austria's Dark Historical Chapters in New Novels by Frederic Morton and Anna Mitgutsch