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New democracies and old societies in Europe.
Frankfurt/ a. M.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Part 1: The European Heritage and its Prospects: Walter Grab: The Origins and Transformation of the Concept of Nation and Democratic Culture in Germany

Hans-Gert Pöttering: European Unification in the Year 2000. Principles, Objectives Instruments

Michel Burnier: Rationality and Irrationality: Questions of the Subject in a Post-Industrial Democracy

György Szell: Risk and Reason - or The End of the Enlightenment Age

Mohssen Massarrat: Third Chambers: Less State - More Civil Society - A Step to Sustainable Democracy

William Outhwaite: What is European Culture?

Johan Galtung: Democracy for Peace and Development: An Ever-Expanding Agenda

Erika Richter & Heinz Sünker: Pedagogy, Politics, and Intercultural Education

Maurice Blanc, David M. Smith & Tom Storrie: Democracy, Participation and Professional Autonomy in a Changing World: Environmental Professions in France and Britain and the Democratic Challenge

Part 2: Specificities and Generalities: Marcel Bolle De Bal: Democracy and Society in Belgium: Between Old and New Models

Herman Schmid: The Withering Away of the Swedish Welfare State

Colin Randall: A New Style of European Politics? The Ability of Progressive MEPs to Develop a Distinctively New EU-Style of Democratic-Socialist Politics

Ken Coates: The Loss of our First Freedom, or: How to Create New Jobs in Europe

Christof Riegert: The Common Agricultual Policy after Market Integration and Intensification

Lothar Hack: Ambitious and Ambiguous. Institutionalising Socio-Economic Structures in Europe by Networking Technology and Knowledge

Witold Morawski: Economic Democracy and Systematic Transformation: Polish Peculiarities

Laslo Sekelj: Yugoslavia 1990-1996: Change without Transformation

Nikolai Genov: Belated Differentiation of Economy and Politics: How Autonomous Could the Economy be in Bulgaria?

Victor Gerchikov & Marita Koshman: Can Russia Allow Industrial Democracy?

Wiking Ehlert: Epilogue: Europe - Old Societies and New Democracies