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Multi-intercultural conversations.
A reader.
New York [u.a.]
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Peter J. McLaren

The Neo-liberal Construction of the Multi/Intercultural
Conversation: It Is Not a Small, Definable World After All
Shirley R. Steinberg

Part One Theorizing Multiculturalism

Chapter 1 Setting the Context for Critical Multi/Interculturalism:
The Power Blocs of Class Elitism, White Supremacy, and Patriarchy
Shirley R. Steinberg and Joe L. Kincheloe

Chapter 2 Multiculturalism and the Idolatry of Inclusion
Jeffrey Ayala Milligan

Chapter 3 Ishmael and the Failure of Educational Change
Raymond A. Horn, Jr.

Part Two Theorizing Interculturalism

Chapter 4 Intercultural Education as the Responsibility
of the School
Erika Richter

Chapter 5 In Search of the Meaning of Education and Learning in Life-Histories
Ari Antikainen

Chapter 6 U.S. Discourses on Japanese Education: World Geography Textbooks and the Representation of
Japan as the "Other" in the Age of Educational Reform
Yoshiko Nozaki

Chapter 7 "De nosotros sale nada": The Construction of Power Relations in One Critically Informed Adult
Spanish Literacy Classroom
Marc Pruyn and Gustavo Fischman

Chapter 8 Teachers, Values, and Critical Thinking
Wiel Veugelers

Chapter 9 A Critical Analysis of the Socioeconomic, Ethnic and Educational Factors Influencing Success for Immigrant and Refugee Students in Community College Adult Education
Laureen A. Fregeau and Robert D. Leier

Chapter 10 Indigenous Knowledge, Ethnomathematics Approach, and the Hole of Intellectuals When Working with Social Movements

Part Three Curriculum and Pedagogy

Chapter 11 Transformative Hope: A Pedagogical Vision
Melissa A. Butler

Chapter 12 Reconsidering Reflection in the Postcolonial Classroom
Ken Moffatt

Chapter 13 Are We Really Engaged in Multicultural Education?
Gerald McCain and Loretta Salas

Chapter 14 Science Teachers' Journeys in Multiculturalism: A Continuing Saga
Mary M. Atwater, Denise Crockett, and Tonjua Freeman

Part Four Media Literacy

Chapter 15 Multimedia Pedagogical Curriculum for the New Millennium
Rhonda Hammer and Douglas Kellner

Chapter 16 The Media Curriculum of Global Values:
Insidious Cultural Pedagogy
Ladislaus Semali

Chapter 17 Capitalists of the World United: Transnational Corporate Culture and the Pedagogy of Consumerism in
Polish Women's Magazines
Christine M. Quail

Chapter 18 The Tie That Bonds
Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Serguei Oushakine and Jean-Claude Couture

Part Five Race and Ethnicity

Chapter 19 Racenicity: Understanding Racialized Ethnic Identities
Pepi Leistyna

Chapter 20 Voices of Diversity
Terrf L Wenzlaff

Chapter 21 Criticism and Silence: Co-constructed Discursive Actions in African American Children's Power
Negotiations in a Preschool Context
Enora R. Brown

Chapter 22 Thoughts on Rural Education: Reconstructing the Invisible and the Myths of Country Schooling
Fred Yeo

Chapter 23 "No, I Didn't Make It Rain Last Night" or Rethinking What and How We Teach About First Americans
Frances V. Rains

Chapter 24 Critiques of Afrocentricity, Comments on Multiculturalism
M. Christopher Brown II

Chapter 25 The Effect of Korean Cultural Assumptions on Teaching and Learning in American Schools
Mitchell R. Ferguson

Chapter 26 Norms and Allegiances in Muslim Education
Josef Progler

Chapter 27 Colonizing Science
Ghada Mustafa Ramahi

Chapter 28 In the Interest of National Security: The English Only Initiative
José Solís Jordán

José Solis Jordán: Scholar, Activist, Prisoner La Lucha continua, Peter J. McLaren

To José
Joe L. Kincheloe

A Few Lines
José Solís Jordán