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Multicultural science education.
Theory, practice, and promise.
New York [u.a.]

A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. As a relatively new area of investigation, the study of multicultural education as it relates to science teaching and learning has spawned numerous interpretations by researchers and authors worldwide. The contributors of this international volume--among them are science teacher educators, science teachers, scientists, researchers, program directors, multicultural educators, and cultural anthropologists--were selected based on both their divergent and convergent perspectives on multicultural science education. By including contributors from a number of constituencies, this book offers a broad perspective on multicultural science education in addition to providing a vision for the future. Extensive literature reviews have also been included to assist the reader and focus discussion.
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Chapter One
Multicultural Science Education: Moving beyond Tradition
Norvella P. Carter; Patricia J. Larke; Gail Singleton-Taylor; and Erich Santos

Chapter Two
"Science for All" and Invisible Ethnicities: How the Discourse of Power and Good Intentions Undermine the National Science Education Standards
Alberto J. Rodriguez

Chapter Three
Teaching Science from a Critical Multicultural Perspective
Roberta Ahlquist and Julie Kailin

Chapter Four
Prospective Teachers' Education World View and Teacher Education Programs: Through the Eyes of Culture, Ethnicity, and Class
Mary M. Atwater and Denise Crockett

Chapter Five
Enhancing the Science Interest of African American Students Using Cultural Inclusion
Shirley Gholston Key

Chapter Six
Native American Science Education and Its Implications for Multicultural Science Education
Paul McD. Rowland and Carol R. Adkins

Chapter Seven
Multicultural Science Education Program Demonstrates Equity and Excellence
Charles E. Simmons

Chapter Eight
Good Versus Bad Culturally Relevant Science: Avoiding the Pitfalls
Cathleen C. Loving and Bernard R. Ortiz de Montellano

Chapter Nine
Rethinking Multicultural Science Education: Representations, Identities, and Texts
Peter Ninnes

Chapter Ten
Defining a Theoretical Framework for Multicultural Science
Samina Hadi-Tabassum

List of Contributors