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Narrative & experience in multicultural education.
Thousand Oaks
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
JoAnn Phillion, Ming Fang He and Michael Connelly

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Potential of Narrative and Experiential Approaches in Multicultural Inquiries
JoAnn Phillion, Ming Fang He and Michael Connelly
Unit One: Personal Narrative, Community Narrative, and the African American Experience

Chapter 2: Examining School-Community Connections Through Stories
Saundra Murray Nettles

Chapter 3: Black Women Writing Autobiography: Autobiography in Multicultural Education
Meta Y Harris
Unit Two: Latina/Latino Communities, Families, and Children

Chapter 4: Being Educated in the Absence of Multiculturalism
Alma Rubal-Lopez and Angela Anselmo

Chapter 5: Between the Telling and the Told: Latina Mothers Negotiating Education in New Borderlands
Sofia A. Villenas
Unit Three: Social Justice, Equality and the Education of Native Americans

Chapter 6: White Teachers, Native Students: Re-thinking Culture-Based Education
Mary Hermes

Chapter 7: Journey Towards Social Justice: Curriculum Change and Educational Equity in a Navajo Community
Donna Deyhle
Unit Four: Multicultural Teacher Education in International Contexts

Chapter 8: Teachers as Transformative Healers: Struggles with the Complexities of the Democratic Sphere
Lourdes Diaz Soto

Chapter 9: How is Education Possible When There?s a Body in the Middle of the Room?
Freema Elbaz-Luwisch

Chapter 10: Multicultural Perspectives in Teacher Development
Grace Feuerverger
Unit Five: Narrative Inquiry in Multicultural Education

Chapter 11: The World in My Text: A Quest for Pluralism
Carola Conle

Chapter 12: The Art of Narrative Inquiry: Embracing Emotion and Seeing Transformation
Chris Liska Carger
Unit Six: Democracy, School Life, and Community in Multicultural Societies

Chapter 13: Narrative Inquiry into Multicultural Life in an Inner City Community School
Michael Connelly, JoAnn Phillion, and Ming Fang He

Chapter 14: Creating Communities of Cultural Imagination: Negotiating a Curriculum of Diversity
Janice Huber, M. Shaun Murphy, and D. Jean Clandinin

Chapter 15: Conclusion: Narrative and Experiential Approaches to Multiculturalism in Education: Democracy and Education
Ming Fang He, JoAnn Phillion, and Michael Connelly

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