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White teachers, diverse classrooms.
A guide to building inclusive schools, promoting high expectations, and eliminating racism. 1. ed.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Introduction: A Call to Action for White Teachers in Diverse Classrooms

Foundations Of Our Work: Recognizing Power And Privilege

Being White: Invisible Privileges of a New England Prep School Girl

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: How Do We Do It?

Yes, But How Do We Do It? Practicing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

The Empty Desk In The Third Row: Experiences Of An African American Male Teacher

Educating Black Males: Interview

The Unintentional Undermining Of Multicultural Education: Educators At The Equity Crossroads

But Good Intentions Are Not Enough: Theoretical and Philosophical Relevance in Teaching Students of Color

Expecting The Most: How White Teachers Can Ensure African American Achievement

White Women's Work: On The Front Land Of Urban Education

Low Expectations Are the Worst Form of Racism

I Don't Understand Why My African American Students Are Not Achieving: An Exploration Of The Connection Among Personal Power, Teachers' Perceptions And The Academic Engagement Of African American Students

African American Student-Athletes And White Teachers' Classroom Interactions: Implications For Teachers, Coaches, Counselors, And Administrators

Tips For School Principals And Teachers: Helping Black Students Achieve

Black/African American Families: Coming Of Age In Predominately White Communities

The Truly Reflective Teacher

Connecting To The Community: Speaking The Truth Without Hesitation

Practicing What We Teach: Experiences With Reflective Practice And Critical Engagement

Conversation-A Necessary Step In Understanding Diversity: A New Teacher Plans For Competency

Creating Activist Classroom Communities

When Truth And Joy Are At Stake: Challenging The Status Quo In The High School English Class

Incorporation Of Multiculturalism Into Art Education

Preparing Teachers To Develop Inclusive Communities

How Can Service-Learning Increase The Academic Achievement Of Urban African American Students?

Culturally Responsive School-Community Partnerships: Strategy For Success

About the Editors

About the Authors


Table of Contents provided by Blackwell's Book Services and R.R. Bowker. Used with permission.