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Democratization, Europeanization, and globalization trends.
Cross-national analysis of authoritarianism, socialization, communications, youth, and social policy.
Frankfurt/ a. M.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Daniel German: Introduction: Political Socialization Research - State of the Science/Art: National and Cross-National Developments in Integrating Psycho-Political-Sociological Educational Inquiry into Political Change and Continuity

Marek Payerhin: Frame Globally, Block Locally: Ecological Direct Action and Democratization in Poland

Henk Dekker/ Arie in 't Veld: The Internet and Political Socialization: Political Party Websites and Their Effectiveness

Astrid Schütz/ Janine Hertel/ Tobias Schulze: Rise and Fall of a Political Leader: Helmut Kohl

Batya Weinbaum: Utopian and Dystopian Moments: Unintended Impacts of Women in Black Organization, Palestine/Israel

Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz/ Longin Pastusiak/ Daniel German: Political Transformations in Russia and Poland: Comparative Perspectives on Political Socialization and Culture

Doris Bühler-Niederberger: The Political Order of Childhood: Children in Political Programs, Germany from Empire to Reunion

Robert van Krieken: When is Child Welfare Cultural Genocide? On the Politics of the Organized 'Improvement' of Children's Lives

Heinz Sünker: Childhood Politics, Children's Rights, and Societal Future

Ruth Firer: From Peace Making to Tolerance Building

Armin Bernhard: 'Multiple Identity' as a New Ideal Personality: Social Scientific Discourse About Identity and Possible Consequences for Education and Pedagogy

Mary Hepburn: Electronic Media and Political Socialization in the USA

Paul Dekker/ Peter Ester: Education and Authoritarianism: A Longitudinal Analysis of Dutch Survey Data, 1970-1996

Bojan Todosijevic: Authoritarianism and Socialist Ideology: The Case of Yugoslavia, 1995

Daphna Canetti/ Ami Pedahzur: Three Facets of Authoritarianism as Determinants of Right-Wing Voting: Competing of Complementing? The Example of Israel

Wolfgang Frindte/ Dorit Wammetsberger/ Susan Wettig: A New Type of Anti-Semitism in Germany: Is Reconciliation Possible?

Gidi Rubinstein: Differences in Authoritarianism between Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Native-Born Israelis

Daniel German/ Dragan Stefanovic: Globalism Orientations in Central East and West Europe: Regional Differences in Attitudes Toward the European Union

Christ'l De Landtsheer/ Natalya Krasnoboka/ Conny Neuner: Participation Friendliness of Political Websites in Eastern and Western Europe (1999)

Marianne Law/ Jerry Palmer/ David Middleton: The Press Reporting of European Economic and Monetary Union In Four European Countries: A Comparative Analysis

Richard Robyn: A Multinational Study of National Identity in Europe: Focus on France

Russell Farnen: The US and the EU at the Turn of the Millennium: A Positive Past, Uncertain Future

Christ'l De Landtsheer/ Elisabeth Koch: Metaphors and the Framing of the European Single Currency (the Euro) In and Out of Euroland

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