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Computer based environmental studies.
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This monograph deals with supporting Environmental Education by using information technologies. The contributions are based on intensive experiences during a long-term international project of the EU in Bulgaria.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
F. P. Küpper, A message from the Commission of the European Communities

- Justin Dillon, A user`s guide to the monograph
- Angela Kroß and Ulrich Bosler, Using information technology in environmental education in school

1. The educational challenge of the environmental crisis
- Ernst Ullrich von Weizsäcker, The environmental crisis: a challenge for our education
- Jürgen Lehmann, Knowledge and behaviour
- Günter Eulefeld, Teachers as mediators in environmetal education

2. Regional activities in environmental education
- Justin Dillon, Environmental education: Policy and practice in England and Wales
- Herbert Hollmann, Environmental education and biology teaching - From knowledge to
- Sandro Sutti, Project Mincio: Context, aims, methodologies, limiting factors, and
- Arne Schmidt and Lars Groth, Interdisciplinary teaching in environmental education in
Danish Public Schools
- Bernd Tißler, Instructional experienec with GREEN at the gymnasium Ohmoor
- Justin Dillon and Rod Watson, Exchanging environmetal data electronically - A case
- Marcus Grace, Schoolwatch: A national survey and database of school grounds

3. Tools and techniques
- Stefan Prigge, Biological determinations
- Stan Prigge, Chemical analysis
- Stefan Prigge, The Environmental Atlas Water software
- Justin Dillon, Water testing as part of environmental education
- Stefan Prigge, Communication via computer
- Alan Edis, Designing software for international use

4. An overview of the COBES Project
- Ukrich Bosler, David Squires and Roumiana Tsankova, A survey of the COBES Project
- Michaela Mayer, The TEMPUS-COBES Project - A case of a process of mutual

5. Educational Aspects
- Rossitza Ivanova Chtarkova, Improvement of environmental engineering curriculum
- Todorka Damianova, An evaluation of environmental knowledge into the information
technology curriculum
- Snejana Gabrovska, Ecological training of children in out-of-school activities
- Roumiana Tsankova and Todorka Damianova, The improvement of information
technology curricula for environmental education
- Roumiana Koleva, One representation of the system ECO in Bulgaria
- Ivan Pankov, Zoyeva Kaneva, Vera Tzoneva and Maria Mitova, Case study 1: GREEN
and environmental education in Bulgaria - Results, problems, and perspectives
- Getzo Todorov, Case study 2: Data sampling in the Russenski Lom river
- Snejana Georgieva, Case study 3: Bioview at the Technical University, Sofia

6. Training and co-operation
- Sandro Sutti, Asepsis prevented: Aspects of contamination in the COBES Project
- Vesselka Angelova, The COBES and GREEN projects in the system of out-of-school
activities in Bulgaria
- Vesselka Angelova, Training Bulgarian experts for environmental education
- Vesselka Angelova and Donka Bratanova, The Union for Nature Protection and its
participation in the COBES Project