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Environmental education and advocacy.
Changing perspectives of ecology and education. 1. publ.
Environmental education has often blurred the distinction between ecological science and environmental advocacy. Growing public awareness of environmental problems and desire for action may be contributing to this blurring. There is a need to clarify the distinction between the role of ecological science and the role of social and political values for the environment within environmental education. This book addresses this need by examining the changing perspectives of ecology in education and the changing perspectives of education in environmental education. Guidelines are provided for assessing the science and education perspectives within environmental education, along with suggested frameworks for development of programs and resources that integrate current science, education and action. This book will be of interest to environmental educators, ecologists interested in environmental education, and curriculum and resource developers.
• Brings together ecologists, environmental philosophers and educators to address concerns over advocacy
• Considers the factors that contribute to the gap between the science of ecology and education′s interpretation of that science
• Provides educators and ecologists with guidelines to develop resources that integrate ecology, education and action
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1. Changing perspectives of ecology and education in environmental education
M. J. Mappin and E. A. Johnson

Part I. Changing Perspectives of Ecology: 2. Scientific ecology and ecological ethics: the challenges of drawing ethical conclusions from scientific facts
J. R. Des Jardins

3. Changing academic perspectives of ecology: a view from within
J. Kolasa and S. T. A. Pickett

4. The role of learned societies, government agencies, NGOs, advocacy groups, schools, and environmental educators in shaping public understanding of ecology
D. R. Slingsby and S. Barker

Part II. Changing Perspectives of Education: 5. Education and advocacy: a troubling relationship
B. Jickling

6. Changing academic perspectives in environmental education research and practice: progress and promise
J. A. Palmer and J. C. Birch

7. The purposes of environmental education: perspectives of teachers, governmental agencies, NGOs, professional societies and advocacy groups
J. F. Disinger

Part III. Assessing Changing Perspectives in Ecology and Education: 8. Developing guidelines for environmental education in the United States: the national project for excellence in environmental education
B. Simmons

9. Assessing the educational dimension of environmental education resources provided by non-formal groups
D. L. Haury

10. Assessing the science dimension of environmental issues through environmental education
S. D. Kolsto; Part IV. Integrating Changing Perspectives of Ecology, Education and Action:

11. A framework for integrating ecological literacy, civics literacy and environmental citizenship in environmental education
M. E. Krasny and R. Bonney

12. Integrating education and action in environmental education
M. McClaren and B. Hammond

13. Environmental education through citizen science and participatory action research M. E. Krasny and R. Bonney