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Education for Human Rights: An International Perspective.

The folly of humans makes disasters more deadly, be it war, natural catastrophes or disease. This book presents theoretical studies and national experience on how education might respond, thereby making people more aware and successful in managing difficult situations. The fifteen authors, drawn from many parts of the world, deal with human rights (especially those of women, children, minorities and indigenous populations), equality of educational opportunity, cultural values, social responsibility, international understanding, co-operation and peace.

The ultimate objective is a global society not necessarily without conflict but in equilibrium—and an end to bayonets and bombs.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Introduction: theorical and national studies-what can be learned? by Douglas Ray

Rights, education, and the evolution of the curriculum by Douglas Ray

Cultural values and the 'free development of personality' by David Radcliffe

Toward an international definition of education for social responsibility by Douglas Ray

The distinction between education about peace and development and value-centred education intended to promote them by Birgit Brock-Utne

Educational rights: perspectives and practices in China by Zhou Nan-Zhao

Education in India by Malavika Karlekar

Education in Viet Nam: the 'great power' intervention and its aftermath by Dien Tran

Education in Sudan: diversity and adversity by Assa Ibrahim

Education in the United Republic of Tanzania: an experiment in African social democracy by Ruth Malisa

Human rights in education: the Czech and Slovak experience by Vlastimil Parizek

Russian education for international understanding, co-operation and peace, and education to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms by Natalia Voskresenskaya

Top-down, bottom-up and from within perspectives on education for democracy by Magnus Haavelsrud

Educational issues in the reunified Germany by Douglas Ray and Dien Tran

Multicultural and global education in Canada by Ratna Ghosh

Indian education and rights in Peru: the search for equality by Maria Amelia Palacios Vellejo

Colombia: a collective of schooling offering children an opportunity to realize their full potential by Beatriz Franco

Curriculum planning for personal economic independence: some insights from Trinidad and Tobago by Norrel A. London