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Global Perspectives in Environmental Adult Education.
Frankfurt [u.a.]

This book outlines theories and practices in environmental adult education that are emerging worldwide. The need for environmental adult education arises not from a deficit platform of «lack of awareness» and «individual behavior modification» - but rather from the asset belief in an existing - if sometimes hidden - ecological knowledge of the need for a deeper sociopolitical, race, and gender analysis of environmental problems, and the power and potential of democratic participation and collective action. Authors from Canada, the Philippines, Kenya, India, Mexico, Fiji, Australia, Sudan, and the United States examine areas such as environmental racism and the legacy of colonization, self-governance and community resistance, ecological, women's and indigenous knowledge, international development and globalization, feminist pedagogical and arts-based practices, and participatory research practice.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Sandra Tan: Anti-Racist Environmental Adult Education in a Trans-Global Community: Case Studies from Toronto - Rosa Muraguri-Mwololo: Re-Invigorating Pastoralist Environmental Practices Through Collective Learning: A Case of Nomadic Ethnic Groups of Northern Kenya - Dip Kapoor: Indigenous Struggles for Forests, Land, and Cultural Identity in India: Environmental Popular Education and the Democratization of Power - Darlene E. Clover: Public Space and the Aesthetic-Politic of Feminist Environmental Adult Learning - Salwa B. Tabiedi: Women, Literacy, and Environmental Adult Education in Sudan - Kerrie Strathy/Kesaia Tabunakawai: Transforming Women's Lives to «Save the Plants That Save Lives» Through Environmental Education - Joaquín Esteva/Javier Reyes: Environmental Popular Education Strategies for Creating Sustainable Communities in the Pátzcuaro Lake Basin Region of Mexico - José Roberto Q. Guevara: Facilitating Community Environmental Adult Education in the Philippines: Transformation in Action - Karen Malone: Critical Environmental Adult Education: Taking on the Environmental Challenge - Jan Woodhouse: Environmental Adult Education Within Participatory Research: Learning at the Edge of Social Movements or Cultural and Ecological Sustainability - Budd L. Hall: Towards Transformative Environmental Adult Education: Lessons from Global Social Movement Contexts - Darlene E. Clover/Shirley Follen: The Nature of Transformation: Developing a Learning Resource for Environmental Adult Education.