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Sustainability in the Information Society.
Part 1: Impacts and Applications.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Part I: Impacts and Applications

Invited Speakers
Brad Attenby
Culture, Sustainability, and Information Infrastructure: A Case Study in Earth Systems Engineering and Management

Nevin Cohen
The Environmental Impacts of E-Commerce

Franz Josef Radermacher
Information Society, Globalisation and Sustainable Development: Impacts on the Environment

James Wilsdon
Digital Futures: an agenda for a sustainable digital economy

1.1. Impacts of Information and Communication Technologies
H. Scott Matthews and Chris T. Hendrickson
Economic and Environmental Implications of Online Retailing in the United States

Eric Williams and Takashi Tagami
Energy analysis of e-commerce and conventional retail distribution of books in Japan

Daniel Spreng
Does IT have boundless influence on energy consumption?

Inge Reichart and Roland Hischier
Environmental impact of electronic and print media: television, Internet newspaper and printed daily newspaper

Jochem Jantzen
Information technology and potential positive environmental effects thereof in processing industries

1.2. The New Economy and Sustainable Devolopment
P. de Jong, P. Groenewegen, H. Brezet, S. Sylvester
The Shift of a Product Oriented Economy towards a Services and Knowledge Economy: challenges for environmentally inspired Development of Service Systems?

Klaus Fichter
Sustainable Business Strategies in the Internet Economy

1.3. Shaping a Sustainable Information Society I
Thomas Schauer
1ST and Sustainable Development - the Market of Illusions

Ralf lsenmann
Basic Ethical Framework: Guidance for Environmental Informatics towards a Sustainable Information Society

Stephen Simmons
Attacking Material Consumption

Dietlinde Quack and Carl-Otto Gensch
Potential for reducing environmental impacts by means of dematerialization, exemplified by Deutsche Telekom's virtual telephone-call manager, the "T-NetBox"

Thomas Christaller und Michael Paetau
Informed Sustainability: Autonomy and Knowledge for Sustainable Development

1.4. Shaping a Sustainable Information Society II
Milda Hedblom
Sustainability, Conflict Management and International Telecommunications Development

Maik Adomßent
Do Information Society Technologies support the participation principles of sustainability?

Oliver Marker, Annika Poppenborg, Matthias Trenel, Angi Voss
Online mediation as a tool of public knowledge management for shaping a sustainable information society

Torsten Graap
Does Virtual Learning lead to Sustainability? A Critical Approach

1.5. Structural and Behavioural Change
Uwe Schneidewind and Anke Truscheit
Virtual Eco-Communities

Alberto Pasquini, Chiara Ricci and Lorenzo Vicario
Derivation of Indicators for the Environmental Impact of the Information and Communication Technology

Daniel Z. Sui and Don T. Phillips
Modeling the Environmental Impacts of E-commerce using SmartCost: Some initial results

Noriko Yoda and Shunsuke Mori
An Empirical Analysis of IT Investments and their Impacts on the Industrial Structure in Japan - an Application of Extended Principal Component for Regression and Input-Output Tables

A.1. Environmental Information Systems I
Tom Klingl and Raymond Delarze
GIS-Based Swiss National Inventories Nature and Landscape in the Context of the European Nature Informations System (EUNIS)

Kyehyun Kim
Building a GIS-based Environment Information System for a Land Reclamation Project

A.2. Risk and Emergency Management
P. Blancher, R. Konieczny, G. Taliercio, T. Tyszka, M. Erlich
A proper understanding of society and social processes at the heart of the design of an information system for the management of inundation risks: the OSIRIS project approach

Fiorella Lamberti, Marco Folino and Federico Rossi
FORMIDABLE: An advanced tool for the Information Management of Natural Disasters

Bernhard Brabec, Roland Meister, Urs Stöckli, Andreas Stoffel and Thomas Stucki
A Decision Support System for Regional Avalanche Forecasting

Tatjana Dovbysheva
Use of Informatics for Risk Assessment

A.3. Public Access to Environmental Information
Hannes Kleindienst, Tom Klingl and Heidi Krapf
Public access to environmental information

Gerlinde Knetsch
Integrating environmental data across disciplines against the background of the Arhus Convention

Per Henrik Johansen, Kostas Karatzas, Jon Erik Lindberg, Gertraud Peine and Thomas Rose
Citizen-Centred Information Dissemination with Multimodal Information Channels

A.5. Environmental and Sustainability Management
Thomas Mayer
Software for the Material Flow Management - Market Overview and Practical Insights

Wolfgang Scheide, Markus Strobel, Stefan Enzler, R. Pfennig and H. Krcmar
Flow Cost Accounting in Practice - ERP-Based Solutions of the ECO-Rapid - Project

Jürg Hutter
Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) or the Integration of the Corporate Environmental Department into ERP

Olaf Weger, Patrick Henseler, Luca Bongulielmi, Herbert Birkhofer and Markus Meier
The interchange of environmentally related information - a prerequisite for the next generation of LCA-tools

Anders Arpteg, Reine Karlsson, Wlodek Kulesza, Conrad Luttropp and Linus de Petris
Knowledge Management for Reuse of Disassembly Information in EcoDesign

Nurten Avci, Jutta Geldermann and Otto Rentz
Implementation and development of an Internet based information exchange network between EU-member states, the European Commission and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

Jiri Hrebicek
Environmental Decision Support System for Environmental Performance Evaluation

A.6. Energy, CO2 and Climate
Maurizio Tomassini, Hermann-Josef Heich
Environmental Assessment of Transport Demand Management Strategies in European Cities

Gregor Dürrenberger and Christoph Hartmann
Modelling Regional Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions: An Information and Scenario Tool for Practitioners

Christoph Schlenzig and Thomas Steidle
MESAP - A Co-operative Modelling System for Sustainable Local Energy and Environmental Planning

A.7. Water Management
Matthias Schneider, Klaus Jorde, Frank Zöllner and Franz Kerle
Development of a user-friendly software for ecological investigations on river systems, integration of a fuzzy rule-based approach

Charlotte Kämpf, Peter Oberle and Jürgen Ihringer
River Basin Management: Simulation of GIS-based Flooding Scenarios and Interactive Web Dialogues

Saso Dzeroski and Jasna Grbovic
Relating Biodiversity of River Communities to Physical and Chemical Water Properties

Vera Munteanu
The Republic of Moldova and Eurowaternet: Actual state and future implementation

A.8. Environmental Monitoring
Marco Neubert
Segment-based analysis of high resolution satellite and laser scanning data

Zoheir A. Sabeur, Mitchell C. Hockley, Alessandra Bagnato and Marco Iardella
Blue Water: A Slick Monitoring System Based on Image Processing, Statistical Classification and Predictive Modelling in the Marine Environment

Paola Carrara and Anna Rampini
An event-based archive of soft maps for the analysis of glacier changes

Gotthard Meinel, Michael Winkler and Carlo Lavalle
Indicators for the spatial analysis of settlement and open land trends in urban areas - studies on base of five European cities over a 50-year period

A.9. Environmental Information Systems II
Hannu Saarenmaa
Towards a shared European environmental information infrastructure

Michael Stauffacher, Sandro Bösch and Roland W. Scholz
From environmental information systems to social networks: fostering co-operation in the ETH-UNS Case Study for sustainable regional development

Tom Arbuckle, Stefan Schröder, Volker Steinhage and Dieter Wittmann
Biodiversity Informatics in Action: Identification and Monitoring of Bee Species using ABIS

Jadranka Pecar-Ilic and Ivica Ruzic
Dynamic Web Application for Temporal and Spatial Presentation of Environmental Data

Miroslav Lacuska, Alexander Jancdrik, Jiri Hrebicek, Jan Sluka
Waste Management Information System of the Slovak Republic

A.10. Environmental Decision Making and Knowledge Management
Albrecht Gnauck
Model based DSS for water quality management of river basins

Ulrik Westman, Katrin Ottosson and Ylva Rönning
Planning with environmental objectives

Klaus Tochtermann and Wolf-Fritz Riekert
Hypermedia in Environmental Protection - Promoting Knowledge Management Technologies in a Thematic Network

Frank Scholles, Dieter Wagner and Peter D. Wagner
The database ((Environmental Quality Objectives)) and Its Web-based distribution

Olaf Tietje
A system representation and evaluation model based on object-oriented design

A.11. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
R. Kündig, A. Baumeler, R. Giger, S. Neuenschwander and V. Dietrich
The Swiss Geotechnical Environmental Atlas - a new multmedia tool

U. Voges
terraSeek - OpenGIS basierter Katalog Dienst fur Geodaten und Geoservices