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Environmental Education for the 21st Century.
International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives.
New York

This volume offers many entry points for environmental teaching. Its scope and range provide a stimulating overview of the state of the art in the environmental curriculum in the humanities, the social sciences, business, and journalism as well as perspectives on creating a green academic environment through teaching, administration, and media relations.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Joy A. Palmer: Beyond Science: Global Imperatives for Environmental Education in the 21st Century
Jacqueline Gravanis: Human Ecology: Environmental Euducation in Greece
Dieter L. Böhn: Environmental Education in Germany: An Overview
Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky: Paradigms of Sustainable Consumption Styles: Approaches and Experiences in Germany
C. R. Oulton, W. A. H. Scott: Linking Teacher Education and Environmental Education: A European Perspective
Gaoyin Qian, Tiechi Huang: Happiest but Least Cheerful: The Paradox of Population and Education Policies in China
Raffaella Semeraro, Michaela Galzigna, Lucia Mason, Marina Santi, Paolo Sorzio: Environmental Education in Italy: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally
Frank E. Puin: EXPO 2000 in Hannover: Eco-politics in Germany and the Universal World Exposition
David W. Shapiro: The Bioregional Vision: Prospects and Problems
Arline L. Bronzaft: Noise Pollution: A Growing World Problem
Jack Ahart, Glenn D. Ruhl: A Business Approach to Environmental Education in Canada
David B. Sachsman: Reporting Risks and Setting the Environmental Agenda: The Journalist's Responsibility
Gene McQuillan: Writing the Wilderness: The Challenge of 'Complex Pastoralism'
Nancy E. Wright: Environmental Images and the Luquillo Rainforest of Puerto Rico
Isaiah Smithson: Native Americans and the Desire for Environmental Harmony: Challenging a Stereotype
Barbara Methfessel: The Environment: A Woman's Issue?
Hiltraud Schmidt-Waldherr: Rural Women and the Ecodynamism of the 'Biosphärenreservat Röhn'
Amanda Woods McConney, Andrew McConney, Phillip Horton: Gender Differences in the Environmental Decision-Making of Secondary School Students
Patricia J. Thompson: Ellen Swallow-Richards (1842-1911): Foremother of Environmental Science
Peter Blaze Corcoran: Wonderment and Wisdom: The Influence of Rachel Carson (1907-1964) on Environmental Education
Margery Cornwell: The Woman/Nature Connection in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon
Luigina Mortari: Children's Ideas of Nature: The Social Construction of a 'Nature Set'
Abigail S. McNamee: Ecological Caring: A Psychological Perspective on the Person/Environment Relationship
Gene McQuillan: Diane Ackerman's Niche in Writing 'Natural History'
N. J. Smith-Sebasto: Education for Ecological Literacy
Patricia Carlson, Steven McGee: Modeling the Greenhouse Effect at the High School Level
Martin Stanisstreet, Edward Boyes: Vehicles: Metaphors for Environmental Education
Esther Zager Levine: Using the Econet to Promote Effective Environmental Education for Learning-Disabled Youth
Kelley M. Shull: Building Ecological Thinking in the Composition Classroom
Rosanne Wille: The Greening of Academe: A Provost's Perspective
Ane D. Perryman: 'Media-ting' the Environment: A Case Study of the College/Community Compact