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Environmental Education for Sustainability: Good Environment, Good Life.
Frankfurt/ a. M.
The book deals with the matter of environmental education applied to education for sustainability, taking into account formal and non-formal education contexts and bearing in mind the relationship between environmental quality and quality of life. The ideas, experiences and perspectives presented by the various specialists contributing to the book, from various geographical regions, provide an overview of the diversity of approaches used internationally in the field of environmental education and supply background information on the different problems inherent to this field, as well as a bird's eye perspective on the initiatives, projects and concrete action on the ground.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Chapter 1

Environmental Education and Quality of life
Walter Leal Filho, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany

Chapter 2
Education for Sustainability, Good Environment and Good Life
Mauri Ahlberg, University of Joensuu, Finland

Chapter 3
Social Change and Environmental Education
Peter Posch, University of Hagenfurt, Austria

Chapter 4
Quality of Environmental Education; An Emphasis on Process Development
Chris Maas Geesteranus, National Reference Centre for Nature Management
The Netherlands

Chapter 5
Teacher Thinking and Practice in Environmental Education
Paul Hart, University of Regina, Canada

Chapter 6
Why Focus on Conflicting Interests in Environmental Education?
Karsten Schnack, The Royal Danish School of Educational Studies, Denmark

Chapter 7
Ecologisation of Schools:
Personal Impressions on Selected Practical Examples in European Countries
Franz Rauch, University of Klagenfurt/IFF, Austria
Environmental Education for Sustainability, Good Environment and Good Uve

Chapter 8
The Theoretical and Practical Basis for Environmental Teaching and Learning
for Sustainable Development
Leena Ano, University of Joensuu, Finland

Chapter 9
Greed, Boredom, Love, Joy . and the Ecological Predicament,
a Call for Educational Research into the Learning of Green Moral Values
Michael Bassey

Chapter 10
Ethos, Environment and Curriculum
Moira Laing, University of Strathdyde, Scotland

Chapter 11
Environmental Values Facing Corruption in Mexico:
Teacher Training through Action-Research
Eisenberg Wieder Rose/Theesz Poschner Margarita,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma Mexico (UNAM)

Chapter 12
Educational and Institutional Challenges of Childrens ' Participation in Urban Plannings
Liisa Horelli, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Chapter 13
Environmental Education Centres in the Republic of South Africa:
A Study of the Goldfields Environmental Education Centre at the
Pilanesburg National Park in the North Ufest Province
Sepideh Rouhani/Duduzile Dlamini-Boemah, University of North Vfest
South Africa

Chapter 14
The Politics of Nature: Childrens Conceptions, Constructions and Values
Philip Payne, La Trobe University, Australia

Chapter 15
Environmental Education and Implicit Meanings
Markku Kapyu, University of Jyvaskyu, Finland
Tides of Chapters

Chapter 16
The Flemish Green School Project, or how to put Theoretical Environmental Education into Practice
Sofie Van Volsem/Veronique Vens, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

Chapter 17
Environmental Education and Karst Phenomena - The Example of Slovenia
Jurij Kunaver, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Chapter 18
Towards a Transboundary Curriculum for the Environmental Education in the "Black Triangle" Region
Maria Kuzniarz, Polish Ecological Club, Poland

Chapter 19
Environmental Education for Teachers ' Training
Mario De Paz/Miranda Pilo,
University of Genoa, Italy

Chapter 20
Environmental Education and the Challenge of Overcoming Ill-definedness
Foundations for Interactive Curriculum Development
Arjen E.J. Wals, Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands
Daan van Weelie, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Chapter 21
Development of Environmental Education:
A Theoretical and Methodological Model for a Sustainable Way of life
Pekka Hynninen, Rantasalmi Institute of Environmental Education, Finland
Veijo llmavirta, University of Helsinki, Finland

Chapter 22